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How to Keep Running without Getting Tired

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 25, 2022
How to Keep Running without Getting Tired

Running and joggingcan be a great way to stay fit and release stress accumulated at work and school. It is also a great aerobic exercise that puts in motion many muscles at the same time, giving you all the benefits of moderate cardio activity.

For running to have true benefits on your health, you should run for at least half an hour per session. However, it is hard to reach this mark if you're not used to working out. Starting at a very low pace for shorter periods of time is the key to improve your endurance, build stamina and eventually run longer distances without running out of steam.

If you've started running and want to get better at this sport, read this oneHOWTO article and find out how to keep running without getting tired.

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Steps to follow:


The first tip to keep running without getting tired is to go running when the weather conditions are adequate, especially whenyou're a beginner. If you've made up your mind and have decided to start running outdoors, it is better if you start in spring or autumn. Mild weather is perfect to get used to running without worrying about rain, wind, or extreme heat, which will cause you to get tired and distracted.

However, if you want to run in the winter, you can still do so. Just make sure you're wearing the appropriate clothes so you feel warm and comfortable. The same happens in the summer, when you should wear clothes that help you keep fresh. Otherwise it will be very hard to even stand outside.

Furthermore, avoid the hottest hours of the day, as this could not only make you feel uncomfortable when running but could also be harmful for your health.

How to Keep Running without Getting Tired - Step 1

Breathing properly is the key to keep running without getting tired. Some rules to ensure your breathing is optimal is to breathe through nose and expel the air by the mouth. When you have been running for a while, this will become more difficult, especially if it's very hot or very cold.

Always try to pace your breathing, and make sure to take deep breaths in and exhale slowly. Our natural reaction is to pant, but this is counterproductive as the air doesn't fully enter our lungs that way. If you're having difficulties breathing, this means that you're going too fast. You should be able to maintain a conversation while you're running; if you can't, you're exercising anaerobically, which is dangerous for long periods of time.

The position of the body is also important. It is essential that your back remains straight in order to facilitate the arrival of the air to the lungs. The proper technique when running will ensure that you don't get too tired and so you'll be able to keep running without getting tired.


If you are a beginner and not used to carrying out physical activity, begin running at a very slow pace, even lower than your possibilities, because otherwise you will not be capable of holding on for a long time without becoming seriously tired.

When you feel you can no longer go on, reduce the speed slowly and then walk for a few minutes to later start running again. You will see how you gradually gain resistance and you will no longer need to stop. Don't worry, you can slowly improve endurance for running with some simple tips.

How to Keep Running without Getting Tired - Step 3

It is also important that you are well equipped when going running. If, for example, you wear trousers that are tight around the waist or a t-shirt that does not breathe properly, you will get tired faster when running. As you can imagine, the choice of trainers is no less important. Choose trainers or running shoes that are made for running. They should have a lot of support.

How to Keep Running without Getting Tired - Step 4

If you like music or listening to podcasts, you can play them on headphones when going for a run. The effect of distraction is also important to help combat fatigue and making your run last longer. Nonetheless, do not put the sound so loud that it prevents you from being alert to what happens around you: cars beeping, dogs barking, etc.

How to Keep Running without Getting Tired - Step 5

The lifestyle you lead can also affect how you run. It's important to eat, but make sure you leave 2 hours at least before starting to run, as it can be bad to exercise after eating. Make sure your vitamin and calorie intake is up to standards as this will also improve your endurance.

Although you may think you will probably drop it, we recommend exercising in the morning. The benefits of exercise in the morning are great, as your body has more energy from sleep so you won't get tired as fast. This small change in your lifestyle will help you keep running without getting tired.


In any case, although you may not achieve your goals in the short term, practicing sport is of great benefit to your health, both physical and mental. Therefore, do not abandon or quit the activity even if you do not see instant results.

These are our tips on how to keep running without getting tired. Share yours in the comments section!

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How to Keep Running without Getting Tired