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How To Run Correctly With A Proper Technique

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Run Correctly With A Proper Technique

Your feet are one part of the body that can suffer if you do not run correctly. If you go jogging frequently, it is essential that you know the proper technique to step on when you're running. Running correctly will help you be more effective and you'll avoid any unnecessary load on the feet. This also reduces the risk of injury and you'll feel less tired generaly. At OneHowTo we explain you how to run correctly with a proper technique so you can avoid any injuries.

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Steps to follow:


First of all, it is important to clarify that you need a lot of concentration to control how you land your feet when running. It is usually a movement that is done automatically and very fast, but with a little care you will get it done successfully. As we've previously said, stepping correctly on the ground when you're running will ensure that your position is correct and therefore will protect you from injuries on your feet or other parts of your body. Take some time when you run to think about how your feet are landing and be conscious about it.


The proper way to propel your feet is not with your toes. If you propel your foot only with your toes, these bear the full weight of your body in an area that is quite weak. Instead of only using the toes, you should use the front third of your foot for this task.

How To Run Correctly With A Proper Technique - Step 2

When you fall and your feet touch the ground again, one of the mistakes made is to do so with your heels. This is very dangerous and it can lead to an overload that can eventually provoke an injury and prevent you from jogging for a while. Striking with your heel will increase the danger of injury, especially on your knees. You have to try and land on the floor with the forefoot.

Besides helping you prevent injuries, landing with your forefeet will also make you feel less tired when running, as you'll be putting less pressure to your legs and therefore you'll be able to run longer distances.

Also, when you land on your feet, don't do it too heavily. You don't need to spend energy stepping hard, the movements you do when running should be smooth and light.

How To Run Correctly With A Proper Technique - Step 3

Other important tips or step on how to run is that strides have to be very long and you should not raise your feet far off the ground, just enough to move normally.

How To Run Correctly With A Proper Technique - Step 4

You should also pay attention to your whole body position when you're running:

  • Keep your head straight. Don't look at your feet, instead, look straight ahead of you.
  • Keep your shoulders and hands relaxed.
  • Keep your arms at 90 degrees. Your arms should be in an angle of 90 degrees and you should move them forward and back, not across your body. The movement should come from the shoulders.
  • Lean forward a bit. Some experts say that it's better to run in a complete straight position but some others agree that if you lean forward a bit this can help you reduce heel strike. However, you should keep your back straight and not bent forward.
  • Don't lift your knees too high and avoid bouncing up and down too much.

This might seem a lot to bear in mind when you run, but if you pay attention to your posture and correct it whenever you're doing something wrong, your whole running experience will change. You'll be reducing the risk of injuries as well as improving your endurance.


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How To Run Correctly With A Proper Technique