Improving Running Techniques

How To Improve Endurance For Running

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 10, 2022
How To Improve Endurance For Running

If when you go running, you do the same distance at a more or less constant speed, not only will you run the risk of getting bored and quitting, you will not be working at all on your resistance. Instead, you should use a few simple training techniques to help keep you motivated and improve your endurance and stamina.

Changing up pace and distance are basically the keys to increasing our physical capacity for running longer distances. So in this OneHowTo article we are going to explain some techniques for how to improve endurance for running.

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Steps to follow:


Plan your training so that you allocate certain days of every week for running, with the amount depending on your goals. But no matter how intensive you want to make your training, you always need to leave a rest day between run days. If you don't, you will do more harm than good.


To improve running endurance, we have to increase the distance we cover, whatever our starting point may be. So, every two or three days we should gradually increase between eight and ten percent of the kilometers we run, but we can reduce this rate a little if we see that our body is not responding well.


Another important part of increasing your physical endurance for running is increasing your pace. So, we should not only run farther, but also decrease the time it takes us to get there. Try to vary your pace, alternating between faster and slower paced running, using way-points on your route to help you.


Sprints are great tools to improve our resistance to running. However, you should not do them until you have a decent level of fitness, for example, in the second or third week of training. When you feel ready, incorporate them into your running outings: just run as fast as you can for a few hundred meters.


If you follow these steps you will improve your aerobic resistance for running long distances and also your anaerobic capacity by doing shorter sprints. However it is important to remember to plan your diet and rest periods as well as your training sessions to gain the maximum benefits and avoid damaging your body.

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How To Improve Endurance For Running