What to Wear to the Gym if you Are Overweight

By Nidhi Nangia. March 27, 2017
What to Wear to the Gym if you Are Overweight

Most people head to the gym with great enthusiasm, but it can be intimidating if you are overweight. When you enter the gym, you see many fit people working out in sexy clothes. If you are concerned about the nice clothes everyone is wearing while working out, you must be confused about what you can wear because you are overweight. You must be concerned about what will look nice on you, without making you look bawdy and lewd. You can add an extra spice to your looks by choosing the right clothes to the gym. Read this oneHOWTO article to find out what to wear to the gym if you are overweight.

Be confident and feel positive about your body

When you enter the gym, you may think everyone is fitter than you, and you get a feeling as if everyone is looking at you only. Most people entering the gym for the first time are afraid of becoming the victims of fat shaming. But in reality, other people at the gym are so self-obsessed and self-conscious that they are engulfed in their own looks only. They seldom bother about looking at you.

No matter what your size and weight is, you can gain more confidence and stay comfortable at the gym by not comparing yourself to others. Keep in mind that no one is staring at you, and you can continue your workout without worrying about how you look. After all, you are in the gym to improve your looks and body shape only, isn’t it? If you still want to look stylish while working out, your plus size should not stop you from being what you want. Here, we are going to discuss about a few clothes that look great on overweight people, and still stay comfortable while exercising.

A must-have clothing item for overweight women

If you are an overweight woman, chances are that you have plus size breasts too. When you workout, your bust may go a little wayward and become the center of attraction for others around you. You may also not feel comfortable while doing a vigorous aerobics exercises or jogging on the treadmill. So, a nice fitting sports bra will certainly give good support to your larger bust. It will also be able to absorb your sweat and keep you free and comfortable while working out.

What to Wear to the Gym if you Are Overweight - A must-have clothing item for overweight women

Nice clothing ideas for overweight men and women

There are other items that will also suit a person who is overweight, boosting your self confidence while feeling totally comfortable at the gym:

  • Yoga pants: These pants give a perfect balance between comfort and style. Choose from crop, legging or full-length styles, and pair them up with a nice fitting sports bra, T-shirt or Pilates top.
  • Gym tights: The right pair of gym tights are flattering and at the same time performance boosting. We advise you to go for plain tights in dark tones instead of those with prints and bright colors or it will enhance the area and make you look bulkier. Pair them up with your favorite T-shirt, top or sports bra.
  • Shorts: Shorts will allow you to make full range of motion with your legs. As you will be sweating a lot while exercising, shorts will allow your sweat to drizzle down without trapping the moisture. If you do not wish to reveal your legs too much, go for knee length shorts or just above that. However, we advise you to avoid grey colored shorts, as these may show sweat on your crotch area which could embarrass you in the gym.
  • Half sleeve T-shirt: If you have heavy upper arms, you may not want to go for sleeveless tops or halter necks. Instead, choose half sleeve T-shirts that end just above your elbows. Such T-shirts will not come in the way of your movements, and still keep your flab hidden underneath.

One great tip

Remember, you can wear anything that other people wear at the gym, irrespective of your size and weight. But whatever you choose, it should be light in weight and should be made out of breathable fabric. As you will soon become sweaty and hot while exercising, it is important for your clothes to absorb your sweat and keep you comfortable. Whatever you choose, it should be made of fabrics like polyester and cotton. These clothes do not trap the heat and allow you to breathe.

What to Wear to the Gym if you Are Overweight - One great tip

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What to Wear to the Gym if you Are Overweight
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What to Wear to the Gym if you Are Overweight

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