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What Is the Animal Flow Workout?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. April 5, 2022
What Is the Animal Flow Workout?

One of the best things about physical exercise is its variety. While we all know getting enough exercise is not an easy task, there is something for everyone with the ability to move. Some people may have a fitness routine which works for them and will stick to it for a long time. Others search out variety and are encouraging by finding new ways of working out. One of the newest forms which has gained popularity is a workout known as animal flow. This is a personalized training program which uses the individual's body weight to their advantage. It does so with a little help from the animal kingdom.

If you are intrigued, read on with oneHOWTO where we answer the question what is the animal flow workout? We look at the benefits of animal flow exercises, as well as provide examples of what some of these exercises entail.

  1. What is the animal flow workout?
  2. Benefits of animal flow
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What is the animal flow workout?

Animal flow is a training program that uses your own bodyweight to your advantage. It doesn't require additional weights or equipment to build strength and muscle. In its basic form, it uses the imitation of gestures and movements characteristic of animals. While we might associate mimicry of animals with children's games and consequently underestimate the concept, animal flow is a demanding and effective form of exercise.

By using how certain animals move, we can exercise our own body in different ways. We will show you more with examples of animal flow movements below.

Just how demanding animal flow can be is dependent on the individual. This is because this type of training is personalized. Its intensity and difficulty are adjusted to the physical capacity of the person taking part. It also allows variations and stages so that people can progress as their train.

Another great benefit of the animal flow workout is that it can be carried out anywhere. We don't always even need a flat surface, if we have good balance. To carry out this physical discipline, we simply need an environment where we can make fluid, dynamic and natural movement which emulate animals. Concentration, fun and originality are guaranteed in a highly stimulating training program.

The exercises of this type of training are done very close to the ground despite the fact the body moves in different planes. When carried out, animal flow movements take on a kind of dance-like meditative state. This is not only enjoyable for those who perform it, but for those who observe it.

If you are a beginner and want to work up to the animal flow exercises, why not check out our basic 10 minute workout for beginners.

What Is the Animal Flow Workout? - What is the animal flow workout?

Benefits of animal flow

Practicing the animal flow workout provides many benefits, especially in terms of body coordination and a person's overall physical condition. To see the benefits of animal flow, we can say it:

  • Improves an athlete's physical, as well as focusing the mind.
  • Offers a different way of moving in space.
  • Conditions various physical attributes such as coordination, flexibility, strength and stability.
  • Tests physical power, mobility and endurance.
  • Develops in a harmonious and balanced way as it involves all the body's muscles.
  • Reduces pain linked to poor posture and stiffness.
  • Allows us to optimize our body posture and shapes the figure.
  • Is a training program that requires concentration, so it also requires mental strength.
  • Produces physical changes in a lasting and profound way.
  • Reduces the risk of injury and protects the joints as it is not a high-impact exercise.
  • Can be practiced anywhere and anytime.
  • Allows the release of accumulated tension and daily stress, providing a sensation of calm and well-being.
  • Is a perfect mind-body exercise to disconnect from daily worries.
  • Allows to work at the cardiovascular level and tones the muscles.

We have also stated that one of the benefits of animal flow is that you don't require any equipment. Learn similar techniques with our guide to building muscle without weights at home.

What Is the Animal Flow Workout? - Benefits of animal flow

Animal flow exercises

Being a personalized training program, the animal flow workout is made up of many different exercises. Which ones you will use depend on what you want to get out of your workout. Some of the most popular animal flow exercises are the following:

  • Crab reach: serves as a warm-up for the rest of the exercises as it helps to increase body temperature and prepare the tissues and muscle structures for the workout. The purpose is to move the spine in different planes, a very important aspect in most animal flow training programs. Performing two sets of 8 to 15 repetitions per side is usually enough.

  • Side-traveling ape: it consists of the lateral displacement which is common to various ape species. To do this, you must get into a deep squat position with your hands on the ground. Press them into the ground, raise your hips and swing your legs out to the side, mimicking an ape. Do 2-3 sets of 12 movements on each side.

  • Alligator walk: this is an exercise that requires coordination and control of the body because it requires proper dissociation of the movement of the upper and lower extremities. Keep your core engaged and stay very low to the ground to practice it properly. Two or three sets of 12 to 20 movements per side is enough for each workout.

  • Side-kick through: it is a very characteristic movement of the animal flow. Start in a quadruped position avoiding resting your knees on the ground. Move your body to the right and straighten your left leg without touching the ground. Let your torso rotate, but keep yourself in a position of balance as you move. Repeat on the other side when you reach the top of the position, doing a minimum of 12-16 reps per side.

  • Under switch: you start the exercise by contracting the abdomen and raising the knees slightly off the ground, leaving the balls of the feet and the palms of the hands as a support. Then, lift your opposite hand and foot off the ground and bring the knee of your raised foot under your body, coming into a crab position (quadrupeds on your back). Take one hand and one foot off the ground again, pass the leg in the air under the body to end up returning to a quadruped position with toes and palms on the ground, keeping the back completely straight and parallel to the ground.

Now you know how to adapt the movements of animals to help you exercise, we still need to ensure we keep our muscles in condition. You can do this with our articles on how to stretch your abs after exercise and how to decompress your cervical spine at home.

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What Is the Animal Flow Workout?