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What Are the Benefits of Zumba

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
What Are the Benefits of Zumba

The regular practicing of sport is essential for both our bodies and our minds. Yes, we need to find an exercise that we like and that, therefore, we will perform regularly. Many people join the gym but soon get tired of machines and weights. If you like to boogie and sweat, then zumba is for you. With Zumba it is possible to have fun while you're exercising. Want to know why? Here at OneHowTo, we answer the question what are the benefits of Zumba?

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Zumba combines exercise with fun as it joins aerobics with dancing to the rhythm of Latin American sounds. The most important benefit of Zumba is that it gets you hooked on exercise. Especially because the workouts are so much fun you'll always look forward to the next class. If you practice Zumba you won't need any excuse not to exercise.

You can find plenty of Zumba tutorials on our site. Take a look at how to learn Zumba for more!

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Among the main benefits of this sport is that regular practice of Zumba increases balance and flexibility. This is due to the anaerobic exercises that we do during a zumba workout, it will help control our respiratory system and help in concentration when enduring other exercises. Zumba also improves coordination, as you have to follow the movements that your instructor makes throughout the class.


This is a great cardio exercise, through which you can lose up to 500 calories an hour. Few exercises burn as much as zumba! This makes it an amazing exercise for weight loss.

Zumba classes are a great calorie and fat burning, given that they're prepared to be an aerobic activity with interval training. The classes are prepared to have intervals of intensity depending on the music and the type of movements, which is great for cardio and calorie burning. During a Zumba class you might dance a fast merengue and right after that go to the floor and do some push-ups while the music pace is slower.

Moreover, Zumba is a workout for the whole body, because it puts all the parts of your body to move.

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Zumba moves are specifically designed to make certain muscles move repeatedly, thus toning them without you even noticing.


It helps us improve our rhythm and coordination. So, for those who are a little scared of their lack of dancing skills, you will gradually gain confidence and improve in just a few zumba sessions.

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Moreover, as an intense and fun exercise, zumba helps us secrete serotonin, the happy hormone that makes us feel better. If we attend a class it will also help us make new friends and socialize more in a different but fun way too!

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Zumba will increase your confidence. Gym classes usually have a mirror in front, so if you attend Zumba classes you'll get to see how your body looks like when you're dancing. During the class you'll lower your inhibitions and have better coordination, which will improve your self-esteem and make you feel good about yourself. These changes will affect your mood positively and will help you get rid of stress.

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Zumba has both aerobic and anaerobic benefits. The music that plays in Zumba classes will be around 145 beats per minute, a fast pace that allows to move around naturally and quickly. Because of this, Zumba is perfect if you're trying to build endurance.

As we've mentioned before, during a Zumba class the music will change and faster and slower sons will play. This change in intensity has anaerobic benefits that also help you build endurance.


You can practice in multiple areas and don't need anything. We can choose to go to a gym to do zumba or to do so with videos at home, even in the park or wherever you like. The good thing about zumba is that it doesn't feel like you're actually working out, but having fun while dancing to latino music!

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You don't need a certain age to join a Zumba class, which makes it the perfect workout for all ages. The intensity of a Zumba class is scalable, you move on your own to the beat of music, so if at some moment you feel you can't follow the moves of the instructor, you can always reduce the intensity.

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  • Zumba will boost your confidence and mood when practiced regularly and will make you feel much better with yourself, not only on the outside but also on the inside.
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What Are the Benefits of Zumba