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How To Stretch Before Walking 

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Stretch Before Walking 

Stretching before walking is essential to developing this healthy physical activity for people of all physical conditions without risking hurting your leg muscles. When it comes to walking, you tend to think that you don't need to prepare for it because the activity is not very intense, but this is not true. At OneHowTo.com we give you some guidelines on how to stretch before walking.

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Steps to follow:



Stretching before walking involves preparing your calves for movement. These muscles bear much of the burden when you're out walking, so it is advisable that they are warmed up and elastic beforehand.

Stand facing a wall supporting yourself with your hands and stretch one leg back, trying to flatten your whole foot on the ground. You'll feel the stretch in your calf, hold this position for 25 seconds and repeat it 3 times on each leg. If you are very stiff, do 5 reps.

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To a lesser extent, the hamstrings also suffer when you're out walking, so you should also work with them while stretching. To stretch your hamstrings before walking, you just need a bench. Stand a meter away and put one of your feet on it without bending the knee. Try to find a bench that is high enough, about mid-thigh, for you to pull the muscle. Do four repetitions on each leg and hold them for 20 seconds each.

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If you walk well and wear the right shoes, the fibula should not suffer when you walk, but you should not leave it out of your stretch before walking. To stretch this muscle, kneel on the floor and sit on your feet, resting your hands behind you. Do 3 repetitions holding the position for 30 seconds.

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The soles of your feet can also suffer if you go for a very long walk. To stretch the sole, kneel on the floor, leaning slightly forward and with your hands resting on the floor.

Your legs should be bent at 45 degree angles and only the tips of your toes should touch the ground. This is very important because it allows you to stretch your feet before walking. Hold it for 30 seconds and do 2 reps.

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Never forget to do these stretches before walking because you will prepare your muscles for the effort. You'll notice that you are better able to take long walks and will minimize the risk of hurting your legs.


In addition to stretching before walking, you need to be prepared with water to avoid dehydration and, if you go out to the countryside, watch the time so it doesn't get dark while you're walking and disorient you.

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How To Stretch Before Walking