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How To Stretch Neck Muscles Properly

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 11, 2022
How To Stretch Neck Muscles Properly

Poor posture or working long hours at the computer, especially when doing so under stressful conditions, can provoke tension and pain in the cervical area. There are natural remedies to combat these neck pains, but you can also carry out some simple exercises to stretch your muscles and have them gain elasticity. So you can avoid these issues at OneHowTo.com we explain in detail how to stretch neck muscles properly.

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Steps to follow:


Circular motions with the head. The first exercise to stretch neck muscles properly involves moving your head so that you draw an imaginary circle around it. This circle should be as large as possible. Do everything slowly as you might get dizzy.


Raising shoulders. Repeatedly moving your shoulders up and down will also help relax neck tension. At the same time raise them as high as possible and then make them descend in a controlled manner, i.e. without dropping them suddenly.

How To Stretch Neck Muscles Properly - Step 2

Negation. For lateral neck stretching the following exercise will be very useful. Move the head from right to left, repeatedly turning the neck as if an act of negation.

A variation is to move the head from right to left, but without turning the neck, i.e. tilting as if trying to support the ear on the shoulder.

How To Stretch Neck Muscles Properly - Step 3

Chin on the chest. Another very effective movement is to stretch the neck, something as simple as trying to touch your chest with your chin. You can help yourself by applying force with your hand on your head so to stretch the neck more.


Head back. The opposite movement to that in the previous point will also be of great help. With your back straight, drop your head backwards as far as you can and hold the position for a few seconds, slowly return to the starting position.

How To Stretch Neck Muscles Properly - Step 5

Another useful exercise to stretch neck muscles is to lie on the floor, face up, with a yoga mat or towel underneath. Lift your trunk and put your feet as close to your buttocks as possible, hold your hands together behind your back and make sure your back is in a straight angle. The support you will have will come from your shoulders and neck, stretching these parts and relieving tension from the muscles. Hold this position for 20 seconds each time.

How To Stretch Neck Muscles Properly - Step 6

All these exercises to stretch neck muscles must be done carefully as the area you will be working is very sensitive.

if you persistently have neck pain, we advise you to practice yoga or swimming, as well as seeking advice from a specialist.

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  • If you have pain you must pay attention to not over work the muscles.
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Dear Fitness tips: I am a physiotherapist with 33 years experience. I think you should re-consider giving free advice about exercises unless you specify for which age category your advice is intended. I disagree with 5/6 of your neck stretches, and fully disagree that a person should do 1 minute of planks from the outset. If you want me to explain further, I can do so but I won't do it for free.
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How To Stretch Neck Muscles Properly