What to Wear to Run in Winter

By Alice T Breeze. Updated: January 16, 2017
What to Wear to Run in Winter

Winter is a complicated season to go running as the weather can change very quickly depending on where you live. If you don't want the weather to affect your jogging routine, make sure you are fully equipped to face the elements. That's why OneHowto would like to give you some advice on what to wear to run in Winter.

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Take the weather into account

The first thing you need to take into account when choosing what to wear to run in winter is the weather, as it's not the same to run when it's snowing or when you are below zero celsius. However, the basics no matter the weather is to try and keep warm, comfortable and dry under any circumstances.

What to wear to run in winter under the rain

If you were about to go for a run but it has just started to rain there's no need to leave it for another time, you just need to leave the house fully equipped.

The most important thing to take into account when getting geared up is to wear waterproof clothes such as nylon. Wear an interior vest and a waterproof jacket on top. You can also slip a hoodie under the jacket if you don't fancy getting your hair wet.

If you decide to wear shorts, it's important to wear compression shorts underneath to avoid shafting.

Regarding your trainers or running shoes, make sure the sole has groves that are deeper than one millimeter to avoid slipping. The ideal kind of trainers are obviously also waterproof.

Make sure to wear bright colors so you are visible to others, as it goes darker when it rains.

What to Wear to Run in Winter - What to wear to run in winter under the rain

What to wear to run in winter in snow

There are many areas of the world where it's snowing during most of the winter season, therefore, runners living in these areas have to get out there and run in the snow.

Apart from wearing waterproof running shoes, it's also advisable to use aggressive tread rubber soles so you can run more confidently.

Another thing to take into account is that you should also use sunscreen on your face even if the sky is not clear, as the Sun reflects its light on the snow and can therefore produce burns. It is equally as important to use lip balm to avoid chapped lips.

Whether you wear short or long trousers, add some long thermal socks underneath to keep your calves from the cold, therefore avoiding an injury.

Wear cotton gloves so it's easier to reach into your pockets.

What to Wear to Run in Winter - What to wear to run in winter in snow

Below 0ºC or 32ºF

Whether it's rainy, snowy or simple freezing, there are some considerations that are common for situations in where you are below 0ºC (32ºF). If you want to run in winter in temperatures under zero degrees, keep in mind the following advice:

  • Though it's more comfortable to wear gloves, mittens will prevent frostbite more effectively.
  • Wear plenty of layers to keep the warmth inside. The ideal thing to do is to wear a thermal vest as the first layer.
  • Wear a woollen hat to make sure your ears are not exposed to the cold.
  • Make sure the soles of your shoes are not worn out to avoid slipping.
What to Wear to Run in Winter - Below 0ºC or 32ºF

Other appreciations when running in Winter

  • Get changed as soon as you get home to avoid a cold.
  • Make sure you dry all your clothes as soon as possible so they don't get mould.
  • Do not take layers of clothes off while running in the cold as you could get the flu due to sweating in cold temperatures.
  • Stretching is even more important than under normal circumstances. Make sure you have a thorough stretch before and after running.
  • Make sure your body temperature stays warm if you need to stop or feel tired.

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  • Avoid running outdoors if the weather is also very windy when raining or snowing
  • When running in snow, make sure you know your track and stay alert to any dangers you may encounter along the way to avoid injuries.

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What to Wear to Run in Winter
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What to Wear to Run in Winter

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