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Is it Bad to Exercise After Eating?

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
Is it Bad to Exercise After Eating?

There are many misconceptions about exercising after eating, and it can be difficult to unmask them all. OneHowTo.com will shed some light on whether it is bad to exercise after eating. We'll explain the reasons why exercising after eating food does not help to burn calories and how long you should weight after eating before you exercise. Follow our tips to keep in tip-top shape.

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It's true: it is bad to exercise after eating because most food remains in the stomach immediately after eating. This is the real reason why it is impossible to burn calories by exercising right after you've finished eating.

We normally think that, if we eat and burn calories immediately afterwards, we won't gain weight. It is a widely spread rumor that is useless; in fact, it can even be dangerous.


You should be aware that exercising during digestion is unhealthy. This is due to the fact that your blood collects in the stomach and is kept away from other parts of your body. If you start exercising just after eating your food, you'll be interrupting the natural process that digestion involves. Be careful! This is the reason why you may feel dizzy, nauseous, have heartburn and suffer stomach cramps when you exercise.

Some may not have any of the symptoms mentioned, though it is still not the best time to work out.


We know that it is bad to exercise after eating, but, is it good to do so when digestion has finished? How long should you wait to exercise after eating?

Experts recommend starting to exercise when you notice that you have finished digesting your food. A couple of hours between a meal and exercise is what's recommended by experts. Any precaution is good when it comes to your health.


If you want to burn as many calories as possible, remember that, if you exercise when digestion is finished, your body will burn more calories. The reason for this is that more blood will go to your muscles because your digestive system no longer needs as much. You body will then receive all the necessary nutrients.

OneHowTo shows you how to burn calories while doing daily activities and we show you which is the best time to exercise too.

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  • If you need a boost of energy before working out, get your protein fix with a bit of yogurt and some cereal, don't overdo it right before you work out.
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Is it Bad to Exercise After Eating?