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How to plan a Cardio Workout

By Sara . Updated: March 11, 2022
How to plan a Cardio Workout

A Cardio Workout is one of the best workouts as it has numerous benefits. Cardio workouts burn calories and helps losing weight. It also strengthens out heart and increases the stamina. Due to this people often incorporate cardio workouts in their daily routine. But after 1 or 2 days of cardio workout they tend to get bored and quit. So, it is necessary to plan out a cardio workout routine involving different exercises so that a person can achieve a fit body without quitting.

In this article we will know how to plan a Cardio Workout.

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  1. Cardio Session
  2. Timing
  3. Warm Up
  4. Mix Various Cardio Exercises
  5. Avoid Steady Pace
  6. Take Breaks
  7. Cool Down
  8. Be Consistent

Cardio Session

At first plan out the frequency of cardio session i.e. decide how many days in a week you will workout. Practice cardio at least 2 to 3 days per week and an hour per day.

How to plan a Cardio Workout - Cardio Session


Decide the time of the day when you will do your cardio workout. If you always skip on doing cardio then do it when you first get to the gym. Cardio workouts are best if done in the morning so that you can feel refreshed all day.

Warm Up

It is extremely important that before starting a cardio workout you begin with some dynamic warm up. It will increase your mobility and decrease your chances of injury.

Begin your workout with a 5 to 10 minutes warm up session on the treadmill.

How to plan a Cardio Workout - Warm Up

Mix Various Cardio Exercises

After warm up, start your cardio session by increasing your pace and time on treadmill. Also include rope jumping, squats, running and sprinting in the session. From the second or third day add other activities like hiking, swimming, cycling, aerobics, rowing, use the elliptical trainer and other forms of cardio exercises which help in aligning your posture and engage your core muscles.

Adding different forms of cardio exercises in your session will break your monotone and will help you to keep engaged.

How to plan a Cardio Workout - Mix Various Cardio Exercises

Avoid Steady Pace

While doing any particular cardio exercise keep varying the pace. Varying the intensity of exercises will help you in increasing the metabolism. To do so it's best you follow a class such as spinning or zumba class, as the trainer has prepared the class in order to change intensity in each of the exercises.

How to plan a Cardio Workout - Avoid Steady Pace

Take Breaks

Between each exercise take small breaks of a maximum of 2 minutes. It will cool you down and calm your heart.

Cool Down

Cool yourself down in the end as it will help you in bring your heart rate back. It will slow down the body progressively after an intense workout session. Take advantage of this time to hydrate your body by drinking some water.

If you get tired, there are some techniques that can help you lest longer. Here are some tips on how to keep running without getting tired.

How to plan a Cardio Workout - Cool Down

Be Consistent

Follow your cardio workout routine consistently and stick with it. Do not let any reason to interfere with your workout sessions.

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How to plan a Cardio Workout