How to Get Into an Indian Cricket Team

By Sara . Updated: July 31, 2017
How to Get Into an Indian Cricket Team

Although hockey is the official national sport of India, when it comes to excitement and fan following nothing can beat cricket. You can travel from Jammu and Kashmir in the North to Tamil Nadu in the South; from Rajasthan in west to Arunachal Pradesh in the East, and you will see people of every age playing cricket in fields, lanes, and sometimes even in garages.

Cricket was introduced in India by the British and slowly it became famous among the Indian royalty; the British left India in 1947, but cricket remained. Today, cricket has become so popular that each game is celebrated as a festival and the status of an ace Indian cricketer is nearly like that of a deity.

It’s no wonder that a career in cricket has become the dream of every Indian kid - but only hard work, talent and a bit of luck can take you from a beginner to being a master cricketer. In this oneHOWTO article we will know how to get into an Indian cricket team.

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Steps to follow:


To have a career in cricket and get into an Indian team you need to be athletic and hard working. It’s best to start from a very young age.

First, you will need to join a cricket club or team in your area. From there you can work your way up through the levels by sheer weight of performance. If there are trials in the cricket club you want to access, your best bet is to find a cricket coach so they can train you and tell you more about trial dates. Working one-to-one will be great to develop your technique and work on your weak spots. Learn how to be an all rounder and practice cricket at home to get better.

If you are demonstrating a high performance, you may also be recruited for the National Cricket Academy, which will increase your chances of playing at a semi-professional level.


If you started very young in your local club, you may have been noticed by regional under-13, under-15 or under-19 teams. These teams play against each other in local leagues within the same state. Eventually, the very best from that league are selected for state teams within an age range.

Other good cricket players can be apply or be called for professional clubs and play in the league, which is separated into categories or divisions. The players for the open state team are selected from these clubs. This is the most common way to get into an Indian cricket team and work as a professional player in India. Here you can learn more about how does the Indian Premier League work.

Even as an adult, with very hard practice and good performance you can go for city selection to be in the regional team. This is the second level in a cricket career: at this level, the competition becomes tougher. You have to continue the hard, deliberate practice and give very good on-field performance.

When you're looking for a local club, do some research and see if they keep in touch with a regional Cricket Association. The more contacts and chances to get noticed by an Indian cricket team, the better!


If your performance is good and you stand out in district and state-wide tournaments, then you can get selected for Ranji Trophy matches. A good performance in Ranji matches will give you lots of benefit. Again, you will need to show confidence on the field and keep practicing and training as hard as you can.

Are you unsure about this process? Here you can learn what is the Ranji Trophy selection process for more details.


If your performance is outstanding in the Ranji Trophy matches, then you have a chance in the Indian national cricket team. There are some players who specialize in a particular format of the game such as the fastest cricket bowlers, so they might get selected to play test matches, One Day International (ODI) and Twenty20 matches and, who knows; maybe even get to be one of the best cricket bowlers of all time.

How to Get Into an Indian Cricket Team - Step 4

This is how to get into an Indian cricket team! If you have any teams, tell us in the comments section.

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Sachet jain
hello sir i am 31 year but i am very passionet about cricket.i want to be a thier a possiblity of me being a crickter of any lavel my specility is right arm leg spin in my early age i used to tern the ball very big because of money problem i could not start my carrier in this field. But now i am capeble of money. Is it possible to start my carrior now
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sir my aim is cricketer and i am right arm leg spiner and batsman also my age 16 year so i requist you sir please. Thank you
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sorry brother now u cant start your carrier because in this age the players will ritrie so sorry u cant start the carrier now
sir iam 14 yrs old plss give me some influence that i can become cricketer plsss!!!!!!!!!!!
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hello dear, I also need opportunity to play ranji but we work hard for it.
how to improve my bowl speed in my home plz tell me
Dheeraj kumar
Sir i want to become a cricket player and its my ambition iam 16year can i join in any matches
hii...sir i am manish. i want to become cricketer . but sir i have not enogh money to join cricket coaching what i do sir..plzzz tell me????????
OneHowTo Editor
We advise you to practise by yourself, read this article to find out how:
This will help you be better and you can even maybe be joined by other boys in your situation so you can form an amateur team
vivek singh
hey my age is 23. First at my all early ages i liked cricket a lot but i didnt make a move that point but now i feel like that i m very passionate about cricket .i think every time only cricket.i just wanted to play cricket is it possible to get selected in any academy ha?
Is YMCA a good cricket coaching centre
sir tell me any coaching centre in Bangalore
OneHowTo Editor
There are plenty of cricket clubs and academies such as the Raghu Cricket academy or the Karnataka State cricket association.
Hi, I am 33 years but a very good player, especially bowler. I couldn't join any cricket coaching because of financial issues, but now I am in a better, but my age is a factor. Do you think there is chance for people who are exceptional a chance to show what I say is true. I am capable of dismissing any top order batsmen as I have many variations in my bowling with is a rare phenomena. I am willing to show my skill to anyone and anywhere to prove my point. Is there anyone with such a broad mind that can see my view point
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sir I want to be an cricketer but not sport club in our area I m a poor so I can not afford any exp.
You can
Sir, I am santosh thakur from Nepal . And I want to be a indian cricketer . How can i join indian team. I am 15 and a fast bowling allrounder..what can i do sir?
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Sir myself kamesh 15yrs & I want to become cricketer in Indian team tell me what can I do best ....
Sir.... frankly speaking i m 27 years old and i have played cricket ..i have represented my school at state level and have played for delhi cricket league.Due to family and financial issues i stopped playing but i cant live without this game and i want to play for INDIA.So please give your honest answer .thanks
Hi,I am 13 and i want to be a cricketer as i grow up!Any more tips?
Sir my name is powell mishra.I am 12 years old. I am a right hand batsman. I want to be cricketer.Can I join academy in this age
OneHowTo Editor
Sure you can! Find out when try-outs are and start training! Good luck
Hi sir my name is simar i am from punjab i am 13 years old can i join a cricket academy in this age
Sir myself kamesh 15yrs & I want to become cricketer in Indian team tell me what can I do best .... Plz sir cmmnt me ..
Praveen kumar bashak
How i play for india as a fastbowler
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How to Get Into an Indian Cricket Team