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How to Do Squats to Work Your Glutes

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Do Squats to Work Your Glutes

There are many body parts that we can strengthen and improve in the gym. We normally think of the biceps, triceps, chest or abdominal muscles but often neglect the lower body. These include the glutes, the muscles in the buttock area which can be worked by doing squats. Want to know how? Keep reading because we at OneHowTo explain how to do squats for great glutes.

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Steps to follow:


Before starting, we remind you that any type of squat will help strengthen the buttocks in addition to the legs. However, not all will have the same impact on this large muscle. Weight-bearing exercises like deadlifts will also help you work the buttock area.

When it coms to routines, you can do the following exercises three to five days a week, depending on your fitness levels. Also, vary the exercises and take some rest days, especially if you train three days a week.


Let's start with the ATG squat, which stands for 'ass to ground', which pretty much sums up what the exercise implies. This squat is made with weights. To do it, place the weight on your shoulders and lower your body (knees bent) as far as you can, almost until the buttocks touch the ground. The more you go down, the more you work your glutes. However, be careful as this will also increase the likelihood of damage to your knees.

How to Do Squats to Work Your Glutes - Step 2

The Bulgarian squat is a mix between a squat and a lunge. It is one of the most effective ways of exercising the glutes. Stand in front of a bench of a similar surface (giving it he back) and place one leg on it. You should be resting your foot on the bench and your leg should form a 90º angle with your torso (bended at the knee). Then go down with the leg you have on the floor and return to standing position and repeat with the other leg.


With the sumo squat, you're working muscles in the leg in addition to the glutes. Stand with legs shoulder-length apart and, as sumo wrestlers do, point your toes outwards. Then lower your body until your knees and bum are parallel. Engage the abdominal muscles and keep your torso straight.

When it comes to adding weight, you could either use a barbell as with traditional squats, or use dumbbells. If using dumbbells, hold them in front of you body.

How to Do Squats to Work Your Glutes - Step 4

However, the squat that really works the buttocks for a perfectly sculpted shape is the overhead squat. Again, the name gives a clue on how the exercise is carried out: weight (a barbell, a dumbbell, medicine ball, etc..) should be above the head when performing the exercise.

With feet shoulder-length apart, raise the weight overhead with arms outstretched. Lower with your the chest facing forward, back straight and buttocks sticking out. This exercise works the hamstring, quadriceps and shoulders, in addition to the glutes.

In OneHowTo we give you more tips on how to get the perfect buttocks.

How to Do Squats to Work Your Glutes - Step 5

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How to Do Squats to Work Your Glutes