Buttocks exercises

Exercises to Fatten Your Buttocks

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: November 15, 2018
Exercises to Fatten Your Buttocks

Sedentary life and the nature of our body can cause buttocks to not presenting a firm and elevated appearance and instead be characterized by being flat muscles. The result is that our figure will move away from the canons of beauty. We can take action to reverse this situation, being consistent with carrying out physical activity. In OneHowTo.com we propose a series of exercises to fatten buttocks.

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Steps to follow:


To gain muscle tissue in the buttocks you will need to make intense and quick exercises, so you will have to be in good shape to carry these out. Therefore, we recommend that before starting you eat well and you start doing light physical activity, such as walking or jogging.

Eat cereal (if working out in the morning), or protein (if you work out in the afternoon).

Exercises to Fatten Your Buttocks - Step 1

Skipping is a good exercise to fatten buttocks. It is true that when we were kids we all skipped on the rope easily but as adults we must take steps to do so safely. Basically, we need to protect joints and use a suitable rope length. Spend 5 minutes a day doing so and over the weeks you will start to notice results.

Exercises to Fatten Your Buttocks - Step 2

Step exercises will also be your greatest allies to maintain a back side with volume but without saggy flab. If you do not have access to this device you can make yourself a step at home by using a drawer you don't need any more. Accompany your activity with rhythmic music and go up and down the steps for 5 minutes each day.

Exercises to Fatten Your Buttocks - Step 3

This other exercise to fatten buttocks will allow you to do a much more localized effort. So while the first two also act on the muscles of the legs, with this activity you will basically exercise your buttocks.

Get onto all fours on a mat. First, you will work with the right leg. Keeping it bent, elevate it to the side as much as you can and then return to the starting position. Complete 10 lifts with each leg.

Exercises to Fatten Your Buttocks - Step 4

The following exercise we suggest differs from the former in the way in which the leg must be lifted. You must begin on the mat on all fours, but this time stretch the leg backwards, again without bending. Complete 10 lifts with each leg.


If you are consistent with the execution of these exercises you will see how slowly your bottom gains volume and your figure improves its appearance. See also our article how to excercise to get a bigger buttocks for more tips to help you improve your appearance.

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Exercises to Fatten Your Buttocks