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Liquid Magnesium - Uses and Benefits

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. May 2, 2023
Liquid Magnesium - Uses and Benefits

Liquid magnesium is a product widely used by athletes and climbers to improve their grip and reduce hand sweating during sports. This product provides an even layer of magnesium powder that helps absorb sweat and provides better grip on slippery surfaces. In addition, it also helps prevent the formation of blisters and calluses on the hands by reducing friction and moisture.

Liquid magnesium can be used in a wide variety of sports that require good grip and hand control. Some of these sports include rock climbing, weight lifting, gymnastics, golf and many others. This does not mean liquid magnesium alone will make you a better sportsperson, but it can help improve ability when employed correctly. This is why oneHOWTO not only explains liquid magnesium uses and benefits, we also explain how to use liquid magnesium to improve your grip.

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  1. What is liquid magnesium?
  2. Liquid magnesium uses
  3. Benefits of liquid magnesium
  4. How to use liquid magnesium

What is liquid magnesium?

If you have seen someone use an indoor climbing wall, you may have seen them dip their hands into a receptacle full of white powder. This is an important resource when climbing since we have to use our own hands to scale vertical surfaces. When climbers climb, they can use gloves, but they often need their fingers exposed to make a hold. Skin alone can not provide the best friction, especially when it gets hot.

Since the skin on a person's fingers can become sweaty, magnesium carbonate is used because it keeps the hands dry and improves grip. It is commonly referred to as ‘chalk’, but it is not the same chalk you would use in a classroom. Liquid magnesium is actually liquid magnesium carbonate, a version of chalk which uses alcohol to turn it into a liquid form.

Liquid magnesium can be especially useful in humid weather or in situations where hands sweat a lot. It may also be beneficial for those who have more sensitive skin and are irritated by the use of powdered magnesium.

Liquid Magnesium - Uses and Benefits - What is liquid magnesium?

Liquid magnesium uses

In general, liquid magnesium is useful in any sport that involves a firm grip and hand control, especially if they are affected by sweating or moisture. Some examples of sports in which liquid magnesium can be used are:

  • Climbing: as stated above, chalk is widely used by climbers as it helps them maintain a firm grip on rocks and prevent excessive hand sweating.

  • Weightlifting: in this sport, liquid magnesium is used to reduce moisture in the hands and provide better grip on heavy lifts.

  • Gymnastics: liquid magnesium is used by gymnasts in apparatus such as the parallel bars, high bar, and rings to improve their grip and control during movements.

  • Golf: in golf, liquid magnesium is used to prevent the hands from sweating and losing their grip on the club during the swing.

  • Tennis: tennis players can use liquid magnesium to reduce sweating on their hands and improve their grip on the racket.

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Benefits of liquid magnesium

Liquid magnesium is a resource used by athletes and climbers to improve grip and reduce moisture in the hands. It is particularly useful during sports that require us to us our grip to suspend our body weight or otherwise lift heavy objects. Other sports use liquid magnesium to grip a bat or other apparatus which can fall out of our hands. Sports which can benefit from liquid magnesium include rock climbing, weight lifting, gymnastics and golf, among others.

Magnesium carbonate in its liquid form has particular benefits due to application. Using regular chalk is often wasteful as it is taken from a large bowl and applied liberally. Liquid magnesium allows you to apply a thin and even layer with only the amount you need.

In general, the benefits of liquid magnesium are:

  • Grip: improves grip for holding objects or holding onto surfaces.
  • Sweat: helps stop pores on the hand from sweating and losing grip due to moisture.
  • Application: can be added evenly every time once you know how much you need as an individual.
  • Waste: reduces waste of magnesium carbonate.
  • Blisters: helps ease friction on the hands which can result in hard skin, blisters and calluses.
  • Dries quickly: liquid magnesium dries very quickly so it is effective in moments.
  • Portability: can be carried very easily while climbing or performing other activities.
  • Germs: research has shown that liquid magnesium can be useful in stopping the spread of certain microorganisms[1].

It is important to bear in mind that liquid magnesium is not a miraculous product that guarantees a perfect grip at all times. Its use must be combined with good technique and physical preparation to obtain maximum performance in sports.

Liquid Magnesium - Uses and Benefits - Benefits of liquid magnesium

How to use liquid magnesium

If you are starting to practice some type of sport that requires grip or strength in your hands, liquid magnesium can be just the product you need. In previous Olympic games, athletes had to use powdered magnesium carbonate to be more effective in their competitions. Thanks to liquid magnesium, with just 2 drops and waiting a few seconds, you can now have a resistant layer of magnesium on your hands more easily.

So that you can start using it correctly, here are some basic steps to know how to use liquid magnesium in the world of sports:

  1. Wash and dry your hands: before applying the liquid magnesium, it is important to wash and dry your hands to remove any dirt and sweat that may be on them. In this way, the liquid magnesium will be able to better adhere to the skin and provide a better grip.

  2. Shake the bottle: shake the bottle of liquid magnesium well before use to ensure that the product is evenly mixed.

  3. Apply the liquid magnesium: hold the bottle of liquid magnesium upside down and apply a small amount to the palm of your hand. Spread the liquid evenly over the surface of your hands, making sure to cover all the areas that need a better grip.

  4. Wait for it to dry: once the liquid magnesium has been applied, wait for it to dry before starting to practice your sport. Liquid chalk dries quickly, so you won't have to wait long before you can use your hands.

  5. Repeat as needed: if you need more liquid magnesium during your training or competition, simply repeat steps 3 and 4 to apply more product to your hands.

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Liquid Magnesium - Uses and Benefits