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How to Get Perfect Abs in Two Weeks

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: November 15, 2018
How to Get Perfect Abs in Two Weeks

Having a perfectly flat stomach and defined abs is very much desired by many of us. But, what can you do to get those perfect abs you've always desired? Is it possible to get this muscle toned in only two weeks? In shops, you'll find plenty of books, videos, machines,etc. that actually to the extreme of confirming you only need a couple of minutes a day, as there are many others that say it's as simple as taking a pill to burn fat, being able to eat whatever you want without exercising. Are these realistic methods? Learn the commonly mistaken concepts about getting into shape, and the most appropriate way to get perfectly toned abs in two weeks.

You'll need:

  • bench
  • weights
  • physiotherapy ball
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  1. Understand the anatomy of abdominal muscles
  2. Sit ups: the king of abs
  3. Add some cardio
  4. Use special equipment
  5. Reverse exercises
  6. Oblique exercises
  7. Repetitions
  8. Work with a personal trainer

Understand the anatomy of abdominal muscles

The abdominal muscles are found in the middle section of your body. They are divided by transverse abdominus, rectus abdominis, internal oblique and external oblique. The transverse abdominus is an inner muscle, which wraps all the abdominal area and helps the trunk stabilize. Internal and external obliques can be found along both sides of the rectus abdominis, and help the body to perform lateral, flexing and torsion movements. On the upper part of the transverse abdomen and between the obliques is the rectus abdominis, which forms those 6 sections.

Having a perfectly toned abdomen is not only important for your image, strong abdominal muscles can help you have better posture and stability, and will avoid back pains and injuries.

Sit ups: the king of abs

Doing sit-ups is not the only way of getting flat or defined muscle abs. Movements are also important. Given the abdominal muscles are big, you can't efficiently work on all the muscle or create these six sections only by exercising. You must follow a routine to train your abdominal muscles through a variety of movements to fully sculpt them and train them well.

Moreover, to develop the six-pack you shoud be within a health weight range and have a low percentage of body fat. Your body fat needs to be at 10% or lower in men, and 15% or lower in women. Therefore, unless you are in this category, abs are out of your league.

If you are within this percentage of body fat, have been training regularly and have been doing complete abdominal exercises, you will be able to see some definition appearing after two weeks. If you don't, you might need more time and effort to get there.

How to Get Perfect Abs in Two Weeks - Sit ups: the king of abs

Add some cardio

It is important to reach your healthy weight and correct composition of body fat. If you are not in the required body fat range, first of all you need to get rid of all the excess weight. That means you need to control what you eat and do cardiovascular exercises for 40 to 45 minutes at least five days a week. This can include equipment such as a bicycle, elliptical trainer or even taking part in activities such as swimming, running or aerobics classes.

Having a perfectly toned abdomen is not only important for your image, strong abdominal muscles can help you have better posture and stability, and will avoid back pains and injuries.

How to Get Perfect Abs in Two Weeks - Add some cardio

Use special equipment

To do abdominal exercises, you can use a tilted surface, a weight bench, a physiotherapy ball or a machine.

Many people complain about neck pains the first time they try abdominal exercises. The exercise isn't a problem, what happens is that they're not exercising correctly. You must keep muscles contracted, your back flat against the floor, elbows spread and behind your neck, and do not tug on your head or neck.

How to Get Perfect Abs in Two Weeks - Use special equipment

Reverse exercises

Add reverse exercises, another necessary exercise to get your abs sculpted. Just like regular exercises, you can do this one on a tilted bench or a physiotherapy ball to make it harder. You can do the exercise whilst you hold the ball between your ankles to make it even harder. Try to pass the balls to your hands, move it down your arms and legs towards the floor at the same time. Then, bring it back again and take the ball to your feet this will help you work lower abs properly. Put your arms and legs down again. It's necessary to remain with your back to the floor and to have your abdominal muscles contracted to protect your back from injuries.

Oblique exercises

Add some oblique exercises. The last part of your abs routine must include torsion movements to work on your obliques. You can work your oblique muscles lying on your back and getting up, turning standing up and sitting on a bench. As you can do with the rest of the exercises, add a weight or a physiotherapy ball to take them to the next level.

How to Get Perfect Abs in Two Weeks - Oblique exercises


Limit the number of repetitions. Do not try to do hundreds of exercises to get perfect abs. If you are really working your abs, you just need to do two to three series of each exercise between 12 and 20 repetitions each time.

Work with a personal trainer

Work with an experienced trainer. If you have never exercised before. Work with a trainer or take a class, this will help you get started. A trainer will make sure you're doing the exercise correctly and help you add varied routines. Getting abs is hard, so you need to stay motivated. Fulfilling your trainer's plan or going to classes can help you establish a regular routine and get the results you expected.

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  • Always start slowly and pay attention to your body's reaction to the exercise.
  • Be patient, changing the way your body looks takes time and constance.
  • You should never feel back or neck pains doing abdominal exercises.
  • Work with a trainer or take a class if you feel neck or back pains.
  • Stop doing any exercise which makes you feel pain or makes symptoms worse.
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