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Exercises To Enhance Breast Size

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
Exercises To Enhance Breast Size
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Although increasing breast size naturally is not possible, exercising and toning the muscles of the chest does add volume to breasts, making them more visually sensual. You just need to carry out regular localised exercises that, in combination with a healthy and balanced diet, will be the perfect formula to improve firmness and tone the body. Do not miss the next OneHowTo article in which we show you the best exercises to enhance breast size

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Steps to follow:


Push ups. Performing push ups is a sure way to strengthen the muscles located just below the breast tissue, when well toned these give an appearance of greater volume and make breasts notably increase in size. You just have to put yourself on the floor face down so that the palms of the hands and the knees are on the ground. In this position, with your back straight, slowly lower yourself towards the ground by flexing your arms with the elbows out and whilst keeping your body completely straight, then lift your body back up. Perform three sets of 15 repetitions

Exercises To Enhance Breast Size - Step 1

Dumbbell exercise 1. Using dumbbells is a great way to make breast enhancement exercises work better. Stand with your legs slightly apart, knees bent and back well straight. Now, holding the dumbbells with your palms down, keep your arms stretched and close to the sides of your body. Then just raise an arm in front of you until you reach the exact shoulder height and keep it in that position for five seconds. Perform this exercise at least 20 times with each arm.


Dumbbell exercise 2. To practice this second exercise with dumbbells with the objective of increasing the bust you first need to place a mat on the floor. Lie on your back on the mat holding a dumbbell in each hand, arms stretched out forming a kind of 'T' with your body and then raise an arm until it is situated at chest height. When finished do the same exercise with the other arm.


Exercises pressing your hands. This is one of the easiest exercises you can do at home to increase the volume of breasts. Standing with your back straight, join the palms of your hands in front of the chest so that both thumbs touch that body part. Apply strength and press one hand against the other for a minute and notice how the pectoral muscle is contracted.

Exercises To Enhance Breast Size - Step 4
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Exercise stretching arms. This is a classic stretching exercise which also works on the pectoral muscles. Just reach out in front of you and, as seen in the image, hold the elbow with the opposite hand to press outward. Perform five sets of 15 repetitions with each arm and begin to notice the difference.

Exercises To Enhance Breast Size - Step 5
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Image: www.hagodieta.com
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Exercises To Enhance Breast Size