Two Easy Methods to Make a Homemade Punch Bag

By Max. D Gray. Updated: February 22, 2017
Two Easy Methods to Make a Homemade Punch Bag

Exercising with a punch bag or punching bag is an ideal way to stay in shape, release tension, help improve your quality of life and many other things. Professional punching bags, as most sports equipment, are usually not cheap. If you want to start out in boxing without making a huge investment, you can make a homemade punch bag. This solution is effective and affordable if you want to practice boxing and work out at home, especially if you are a beginner.

In this oneHOWTO article we'll go over two different methods to make a homemade punch bag, with some advice on what to take into account. Read on and get to work!

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How big should a punch bag be?

Before going over the methods to make a homemade punch bag in detail, we should clarify its ideal size. The most popular and recommended punching bags on the market are medium-sized: their standard size is of 100 x 35 cm (39.5 x 13.75 in).

If you want to exercise your legs you can also opt for the measures used in martial arts, which are 135 x 35 cm (53 x 13.75 in).

Two Easy Methods to Make a Homemade Punch Bag - How big should a punch bag be?

What do you need to make a homemade punch bag?

Once you have the dimensions you can start gathering the materials to makeyour own punch bag. We will start on the outside: you will need thick canvas or faux leather of the right dimensions, thick enough to prevent damage. You can use an old duffel bag, but go over the seams and reinforce them if they seem weak.

To shape the bag, sew it with fishing line or upholsterer wire. Contrary to what is generally believed, the punch bag should not be filled with sand but instead with soft materials like cotton, foam, old clothes or sheets. This will avoid causing injury to hands and wrists. Sawdust will also be useful to provide more weight.

Making your own punch bag - A

The easiest method to make a homemade punch bag consists of the following:

  1. Attach a circular base to the piece of fabric to form a tube. This will be the bottom of the punching bag.
  2. Place sand only at the base of the punch bag, as this will provide stability. You can use sawdust by placing it in rubbish bags and then extracting all the air and sealing it with packing tape. This will avoid it letting off dust and becoming compacted as the bag is used. Alternate one layer sawdust with at least four layers clothes.
  3. While you add the filling, press it down with your foot to compress it better. Fill until there are about 10 inches left. Shake and compress again.
  4. For the top part, gather together the fabric at the top of the tube and tie a rope around it, weaving it in and out of the fabric. Wrap the rope very tightly, starting with the middle. Secure with a knot.
  5. We do not recommend using chains to hang the bag, because they produce vibrations and can break the ceiling. You will use the rest of the rope instead.
  6. If the material that you've used is softer than strong canvas or faux leather, secure it and make it more resistant. Planting the homemade punch bag on the floor, wrap it with duct tape. You may need more than one layer.

For more information read our article on what do you fill a punching bag with.

Making your own punch bag - B

This is not exactly a punch bag, but it's very simple to make and you can use it as such. Look around to find the materials, as you'll probably be able to save lots of money by reusing them. With old car tires, sturdy wooden sticks and chains or rope you'll be able to put together a homemade punch bag in no time. However, take into account that tires that have been dismissed when going flat will be very hard on your hands.

You simply have to bolt the tires together with at least one bold in each cardinal point, add hooks to pass the chain or rope through, and hang the construction from the sticks. If you have a sturdy tree nearby, you can hang them from a branch by using rope, not chains.

A different, smaller version can be made with just half a tire. By sawing a tire vertically and bolting the C-shape into a pillar or wall you'll have the perfect homemade bag to practice hooks and uppercuts.

Two Easy Methods to Make a Homemade Punch Bag - Making your own punch bag - B

Remember to use your homemade punch bag while wearing boxing gloves or hand wraps, as you can risk a serious injury.

These are two methods to make a homemade punch bag. Do you have any doubts or tips to share? Tell us in the comments section!

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  • Remember you must use the necessary protections to avoid injury, using bandages and boxing gloves will ensure you can train without having to worry about the risks of injury with this sport.

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Two Easy Methods to Make a Homemade Punch Bag
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Two Easy Methods to Make a Homemade Punch Bag

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