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Leg Exercises to Tone and Slim Thighs

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
Leg Exercises to Tone and Slim Thighs

If you want to slim your thighs, carry on reading. Many people want to achieve toned, firm legs, but it is a real challenge for many because this area is prone to fat accumulation, and consequently, the formation of cellulite. If you follow a good workout and have a balanced diet, you'll achieve toned, slim thighs. This explains the best exercises to tone and slim thighs.

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Steps to follow:


It's worth noting that any specific moves to work on that area will count for nothing if you do not perform any aerobic activity on a regular basis. There are no miracles for eliminating fat deposits and the body does not eliminate fat in a selective way.

In order to slim your thighs, it is advisable you practice some sport to stimulate the body so it burns more calories and speeds up your metabolism, therefore burns more fat. The best exercises for working your legs are swimming, tennis, cycling and skating. You should practice any activity of this type for at least 40 minutes three times a week.

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The next important step for toning and slimming your thighs is to do specific exercises to work the legs. You'll have to work the exterior muscles where cellulite usually appears, as much as the interior muscles which have a tendency to go flabby.

One of the most effective exercises for slimming your thighs involves squats or crouches. Start from a standing position with your legs firmly together and then bend your knees, whilst trying to keep your core upright. Slowly squat down until your buttocks touch your calves.

You'll find this exercise hard at first, but the results are unbeatable. Do at least 3 sets of 20 repetitions, and gradually increase the effort. You can also repeat this exercise with your legs slightly apart so that it works the inside of your thighs.

Leg Exercises to Tone and Slim Thighs - Step 2

Another exercise that can help you to achieve thinner thighs and get fit is by getting yourself into a quadruped position. You must maintain straight arms with your palms firmly on the floor. Then raise one leg up and bend it at the knee. You need to lift your leg up towards your buttocks, hold it for about 10 seconds, then lower it down. Rest this leg on the floor, and then raise the other.

It is advisable to do about 15 repetitions and hold for about 10 or 15 seconds. Over time, increase the intensity of this exercise by increasing the number of repetitions and the duration you hold each leg for.

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Leg Exercises to Tone and Slim Thighs - Step 3

A very effective exercise to tone your legs, and specifically the thighs, is the scissor exercise. Lie on your side with your body really straight, bend your arm and rest your head on it. Then, slightly bend your lower leg and raise the top leg, with your foot pointing toward the ceiling.

You must raise the leg as high as you can, making sure you stretch it well, without injuring yourself. Try to repeat the exercise 15 times and hold each repetition for about 15 seconds.

Leg Exercises to Tone and Slim Thighs - Step 4

Another variant of the scissors is to lie on the floor, with your torso facing upwards. Place a foam roller under the top of your thighs and spread your legs apart. Then bring your legs together, then move them slowly, starting to separate them. It's like you're making a snow angel. Try to do about 15 repetitions lasting 10 seconds each time.

When you've finished, breathe and lower the roll down to the middle of your thighs and perform 15 repetitions. Rest for a few seconds and roll it down to the knees and repeat 15 times.

Leg Exercises to Tone and Slim Thighs - Step 5

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Leg Exercises to Tone and Slim Thighs