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How To Play Sports Wearing Glasses

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: March 28, 2017
How To Play Sports Wearing Glasses

Some people need to wear glasses to improve their vision and correct astigmatism. Although glasses are crucial to help see clearly, they can actually come in the way while playing sports. While playing sports, your glasses may break and you will be left without an aid to go back home. You may also bump into another player on the field and your glasses may hurt your face or even eyes during the impact. Most experts recommend getting your vision corrected or wearing contact lenses while playing sports. But wearing glasses on the field looks stylish, isn’t it? It also acts as a protective gear for your eyes while playing. So, read this article to find out how to play sports wearing glasses.

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  1. Qualities of glasses to be worn during sports
  2. Different types of glasses for sports
  3. Why it is important to wear glasses during sports

Qualities of glasses to be worn during sports

If you are planning to play sports wearing glasses, there are certain things that you need to consider. They include:

  • The glasses that you choose should be durable and should be made of unbreakable material like polycarbonate. This means that if you happen to knock off the glasses during the play, they are less likely to break off or cause any damage.
  • Choosing the right frame of glasses is very important too. Instead of choosing a frame for how it looks, you should give more attention to how it performs. The frame that you choose should be as sturdy and durable as the lenses. For instance, if you choose a glass frame or glass lenses, there are higher chances that they will break during an impact and cause much damage to your face and eyes.
  • If you are surfing, board-sailing or kayaking, you should wear additional eye protection over your normal glasses or contact lenses. This may include a pair of goggles or other non-prescription glasses of plastic that protect your prescription glasses. This will also minimize chances of injury during the game.
  • If you are playing hockey or any kind of contact sports, goalies often wear full face masks to avoid injuries. You can wear protective eye-wear beneath your helmet to get a clear vision, and still stay protected.

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Different types of glasses for sports

Badminton players are often seen wearing protective glasses or goggles made of Trivex or polycarbonate lenses.

Baseball runners and batters wear helmets attached with polycarbonate glasses or face shields. Some sports sunglasses or goggles come with an in-built head strap and shatter proof lenses.

Wraparound glasses or goggles are also available that are often worn by basketball players. If you are going for cycling, you can choose performance sunglasses with anti-scratch and anti-fog lens coatings.

Fishing lovers often wear polarized glasses that come with an anti-reflective film.

Full-face helmets are worn by ice hockey, paintball, fencing and hockey players. Ski goggles with mirror-coated lenses are best to be used by snowboarding and skiing enthusiasts.

There are special diving masks and swim goggles for divers, swimmers and water polo players.

How To Play Sports Wearing Glasses - Different types of glasses for sports

Why it is important to wear glasses during sports

According to experts, great deal of eye injuries during sports can be prevented if players wear glasses. Ski goggles are a must while riding down the slopes, and face fields should always be worn by softball, football, paintball, hockey and baseball players. Although children may not like wearing glasses while playing, coaches and parents should always insist.

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How To Play Sports Wearing Glasses