How to Choose the Right Cricket Shoes for Me

By Sara . Updated: August 3, 2020
How to Choose the Right Cricket Shoes for Me

Aspiring cricket players all over the world want to excel in their favorite sport so that one day they might play international cricket. To do so they require proper training and do a lot of practice. While it is true a bad workman blames their tools, having proper equipment like bat, ball, gloves, helmets and shoes is important at the top level. Sometimes people underestimate the importance of shoes while playing cricket. But it’s a fact that the right shoes are as important as the bat and the ball. If you want to know how to choose the right cricket shoes for me then keep reading this oneHOWTO article.

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Three Types of Shoe Outsoles

Outsoles are the most important factor that one should keep in mind while shopping for cricket shoes. There are broadly three types of choice in the outsole of shoes: rubber stud, half spike and full spike.

  • Shoes which have spikes only at the front of the sole, i.e. half spike shoes, are usually recommended for batsman. This helps the batsman to move effortlessly fast.
  • Shoes which have spikes all over the sole, i.e. full spike shoes, are usually recommended for a bowler. It increases the performance of a bowler by giving them a firm grip on the ground while bowling.
  • Shoes with rubber studs on their soles are best for playing on hard ground. It increases the mobility of the cricketer and also enhances their movements.
  • Shoes with spikes are recommended when cricketers play on soft ground. Spikes dig into the ground providing a firm grip and hence prevent the players from slipping on the ground.
How to Choose the Right Cricket Shoes for Me - Three Types of Shoe Outsoles
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Other parts of Cricket Shoes

Along with the underside of the cricket shoe there are other parts which are very important. There is no set rule which can say that a particular shoe is best for a particular person. So, you must know all about the cricket shoe and its parts to choose the best one as per your need.

  1. The Upper: this is the part of the shoe which covers the foot. Shoe upper should be such that it offers ventilation for the foot. It needs to remain in close contact with the foot and hence it should be flexible and comfortable. Usually the upper in cricket shoes are of low cut style which offers flexibility. Bowlers are recommended to wear mid or high cut style which provides support to the ankle while helping to prevent injury.
  2. The Sockliner: this is the part which is in direct contact with the sole of foot. Choose the one which provides extra cushioning. Some shoes come with removable and replaceable sockliners. The person wearing them can add or remove it from their shoe as per their comfort.
  3. The Midsole: the layer between outsole and insole is called the midsole. It is mainly used for shock absorption. Midsoles made of stiff material provides extra support and a midsole made of soft material provides comfort and absorbs shock.
  4. The Heel: the main job of a shoe's heel is to keep the foot safe and secure. A bowler chooses secure heels which remain in place when they step down. Batsmen on the other hand need comfortable heels so that they can run with ease between the creases.
  5. Trusstic System/Torsion Bar: this is a part of the shoe which increases strength and stability while minimizing the torsion of mid and outsoles. This helps in reducing injuries.
  6. Lasting: there are three types of lasting including the slip lasting, broad/partial lasting and combination lasting. Choosing the type of shoe lasting depends on the pronation of your feet.
How to Choose the Right Cricket Shoes for Me - Other parts of Cricket Shoes
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While considering what type of shoe you might need, shoe size is also an important factor while buying cricket shoes. Choose the shoe that is the perfect size for you otherwise it could lead to injury and affect your goals as a cricketer.

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Kartikey Arya
I am a right arm medium pace bowler.
Which shoes i should wear.
Nowtimes i am using vijyanti spikes shoes.
Whats your opinion tell me sir plzz..
OneHowTo Editor
Some good shoes for fast bowlers in cricket include:

- Adidas Twenty2Yds mid lv
- Puma calibre convertible
- Adidas ADIPOWER VECTOR MID cricket shoes
Image: aswanicricket, northgame
Image: khelmart  
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How to Choose the Right Cricket Shoes for Me