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How to do Arm Exercises without Weights

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to do Arm Exercises without Weights

Doing arm exercises without weights is very simple. You can use the weight of your body, or part of it, to work the different muscles of the upper limbs. If you follow the exercise routine that we offer, you'll shape your arms and be able to show them now that the temperatures are climbing and clothing exposes this part of the body that is prone to flabbiness. At, we explain a series of arm exercises without weights.

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Steps to follow:


This arm exercise without weights is very effective to strengthen the upper limbs. Despite the simplicity of its execution, it should be noted that it requires a lot of effort, since a lot of the body is supported by the arms. To do this, simply place yourself on a mat on the floor, face down.

Put your palms on the floor, about one metre apart. Then do push ups, trying not to bend your knees and keeping your body straight at all times. Do 2 sets of 15 push ups to start. Start increasing the number of push ups you do in each set if you see that your body responds without exhaustion.

How to do Arm Exercises without Weights - Step 1

This other exercise is also very good for working your arms without weights. As you can see in the picture, only this time you'll need a wall to lean against to be able to do the exercise. We'll tell you the same as in the previous case: it seems a light activity, but you really need strength to support the weight of your body with your arms.

Stand facing the wall, a metre away from it, and support your palms against it, at the height of your chest. The exercise consists in letting yourself fall into the wall and back to the starting position at your arms momentum. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions and keep your body straight while doing it.

How to do Arm Exercises without Weights - Step 2

This other arm exercise without weights will not only allow you to shape the upper limbs. You will also stretch your back well doing it, which is very good for you if you suffer from problems in this area.

The exercise should be carried out in 3 phases, as you can see in the picture accompanying this text. On a mat, stand in a triangle shape with your body and the ground. Then, lean forward and lower the hips so that the body is straight and hold the pose for about 5 seconds. Then raise the trunk as much as you can and stay another 5 seconds. Do it 10 times.

How to do Arm Exercises without Weights - Step 3

In this other exercise for arms without weights that we suggest, you don't use the weight of your body to strengthen your upper extremities. So, it will be the posture that you have to maintain and the hand movements that will create the work. Sit on a chair or bench and raise your arms, forming a cross. Take good care of your back's position so you can hold the position without promoting the production of contractures.

The exercise consists of maintaining the posture of raised arms, while moving your hands up and down. Do 2 sets of 15 repetitions each time.

How to do Arm Exercises without Weights - Step 4

Two very interesting variations of the above exercise for arms without weights is to do everything the same, but making circles with your wrists rather than upwards and downwards movements. You can also do the same but making circular movements with the whole arm.


As you can see, there are many arm exercises without weights that you can do. If you follow this routine every day or every other day, you will manage to shape your arms and you'll look more attractive.

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How to do Arm Exercises without Weights