How to do Zumba toning

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017

In this OneHowto video you'll be able to see a Zumba class with which you can tone your body and lose weight, it is instructed by teacher Lucia Medina from u!dance school in Barcelona. Without a doubt, Zumba has become a type of ideal dance to get into shape and start losing weight in a fun way and that is suitable for everyone. Zumba is a Fitness discipline that mixes coreographic dance with specific exercises in a cardiovascular session, but over all, Zumba is a party and OneHowto knows this, that's why we have another class prepared so you can keep on training and reaching your goals. Remember if you want to learn how to do Zumba toning, this is the perfect tutorial video.

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How to do Zumba toning
How to do Zumba toning

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