What Type of Yoga Is Best for Fertility

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
What Type of Yoga Is Best for Fertility

The experience of motherhood is surreal for each and every woman. Even after months of morning sickness and physical troubles, the joy of a child is incomparable. So, women who face aren’t able to conceive due to infertility problems seeks medical help. Other than medical treatment, yoga can also help couples to get rid of infertility problem and conceive. Yoga balances energy within the body, increases blood flow and reduces stress. In this OneHowTo article we will tell you what type of yoga is best for fertility.

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Lotus Pose (Padmasana)

The hectic pace of modern world is the reason behind the extreme stress that people experiences. Regular mental and /or physical stress plays a key role in reducing fertility in both male and female. Padmasana i.e. the Lotus pose calms the body, lowers blood pressure and relaxes the mind.

In Lotus pose yoga, a person sits on the floor with his upper body erect. The legs are folded such that each foot rests on the top of opposite knee. The arms are outstretched and they rest lightly on both knees. Close the yes and focus your mind on what you want your body to achieve. Then let the body feel the energy seeping within.

What Type of Yoga Is Best for Fertility - Lotus Pose (Padmasana)

Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhan pranayam)

Alternate nostril breathing is a very beneficial yoga pose for improving the body fertility. It releases accumulated stress and calms the mind. It opens the nadi i.e. the energy channels of the body and thus enables smooth flow of energy throughout the body which helps the male to increase sperm production and the female to conceive.

Sit on the floor and relax your body and mind. For a few minutes concentrate on your breathing. Now lift up your right hand. Place the index finger and middle finger of right hand at the center of both eyebrows. Then place the thumb of right hand on the right nostril and close it. Using the open nostril of the left side breathe in and out 20 times. Then lift the thumb from right nostril and place it on the left nostril. Close the left nostril and breathe in and out through the right one for 20 times. Then put down your hands and resume the normal breathing through both nostrils.

What Type of Yoga Is Best for Fertility - Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhan pranayam)

Butterfly Pose (Baddha konasana)

The butterfly pose of yoga improves fertility by stimulating the pelvic region and thus the reproductive organs. This yoga asana helps in easing pain during childbirth if it is practiced regularly until delivery. It is also beneficial for women after menopause.

At first sit erect with your legs stretched straight out. Now start bending the knees and slowly bring both feet towards your pelvic region. Make sure that the soles of both feet touch each other. Then grab both feet tightly with your hand and bring the heels of both feet as close to the genitals as possible. Do not over strain your legs at this point. Now start flapping both legs up and down, just like the wings of a butterfly. At first keep it slow and then increase your pace. Slow down as you feel fatigued. Then stop and take deep breathe.

What Type of Yoga Is Best for Fertility - Butterfly Pose (Baddha konasana)

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What Type of Yoga Is Best for Fertility
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What Type of Yoga Is Best for Fertility

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