What to Wear When Cycling in Winter

By Misty Thomas. Updated: January 20, 2017
What to Wear When Cycling in Winter

Cycling is a great sport and a great way to exercise, and has lots of benefits for cardiovascular health and general fitness. But as the winter weather approaches you may be put off getting out on your bike. For people that are new to the sport, one of the hardest parts is being able to figure out what to wear when cycling in cold weather.

OneHowTo can help you out and give you some advice about what gear will benefit you most and keep you at the right temperature and stay safe.

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Winter Cycling Clothing

Cycling in winter can be a great adventure, with all of the snow around you, it makes for some very scenic views. One of the most important pieces of clothing to wear when you are cycling in cold weather is a pair of cycling gloves. Gloves will keep your fingers and hands very warm so that you can keep control of your bike.

What to Wear When Cycling in Winter - Winter Cycling Clothing

Tips for Winter Cycling

Arm warmers are great to wear as well when the temperature begins to really drop. Many riders will also add knee warmers to their wardrobe along with high, thick socks. A riding vest or base layer can help keep your chest warm and tights can help to keep the cold air away from your legs.

It is very important that you wear the right clothing for the cold weather, although you should buy specifically designed clothing as it will be more breathable, so that you won't sweat too much as your body temperature increases. You should also get brightly colored or reflective clothing as this will help you stay visible even as the days get darker.

What to Wear When Cycling in Winter - Tips for Winter Cycling

Tips for Winter Cycling

When the temperature starts to drop its your extremities that feel it the most. As well as getting cold hands, winter cyclists also suffer from cold feet. Choose your socks carefully and don't be afraid to double up - Merino wool is one of the most highly recommended materials as it is very warm but still drys quickly.

Make sure that the socks are not too tight as this will restrict circulation which will not help to keep them warm. With the right socks and shoes, riders can rest assured that their feet and toes will be safe from the cold.

What to Wear When Cycling in Winter - Tips for Winter Cycling

Stay Safe and Have Fun

Cycling is such a great activity to get involved in and is great exercise for burning off calories. When you ride in the winter, there are quite a few options that you have for clothing. Your local bike store can really help you out if you have any questions about what type of clothing works best in the winter. Staying warm during your ride will make your time on the bike much better.

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What to Wear When Cycling in Winter
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What to Wear When Cycling in Winter

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