What is the best time to go to the gym to exercise

What is the best time to go to the gym to exercise

When you start a workout plan or resume physical activity many wonder what is the best time to go to the gym?, the time of day will draw most out of the exercise and will benefit over our health. On OneHowTo.com we give you the keys to discover the ideal time according to the activity you want to do.

Steps to follow:

Clearly more than an ideal time the main problem lies in the availability for the gym, some prefer the early hours of the day while others choose to attend at the end to drain the stress of work or routine.


If you feel comfortable with the time of day at which you go, or rather attend to specific classes that have a schedule there's no problem with continuing at that pace as long as you don't go immediately after eating.


Specialists suggest that the ideal is to exercise and eat an hour after finishing the training session, thus your metabolism continues quite actively to burn more calories. Of course, don't eat anything too heavy, keep it healthy.


Near the end of the day, around 6pm the body is in better condition for weight work, so if you love this area and are available then it is a good time to do so.


As for aerobic exercises, both morning and at the end of the day are convenient times, just remember that a couple of hours before you must have eaten so that your body can use those calories and give you the energy needed for training.


For more intense exercising such as kickboxing, racquetball or body combat, it is said that the afternoon is the best time, as the muscles are warmer and your results can improve slightly.


If your aim for doing exercise is to lose weight, the best time of the day is the morning as doing cardio on an empty stomach burns more calories as it is the reserves that are being burned.


To choose the best time to go to the gym you should evaluate your availability and hours in which you eat and create a plan that fits well with you offering the possibility to optimize your training and stay healthy. Choose the fitness machine best suited to your level, do not force yourself

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