What Are The Benefits Of Squats

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
What Are The Benefits Of Squats

Squats are a high intensity and impact activity which are considered to be a great exercise as they offer many benefits for our body. These require a functional movement that involves all the muscles we use in everyday activities. When doing squats we set in motion quadriceps, adductors, gluteus, hamstrings, calves and lower back muscles. In we explain what the benefits of squats are.

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Doing squats is an activity that moves a lot of in muscles in a single movement. If you do these every day you will benefit from the activity's many advantages. It is an exercise that helps develop flexibility in the hip area, as long as you do the exercise properly, and you can try to gradually increase the range of motion. The muscles used to perform squats are those which you use to jump or run and gradually you will build up more resistance. If on top of your exercise you add a little extra weight the effectiveness of squats will be even better.

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Squats stimulate the cardiovascular system and help burn more fats. While you are doing this comprehensive exercise you will burn calories but even hours after doing it you will still be burning calories thanks to the great intensity of this exercise.

It helps gain muscle mass and eliminate fat. One way to burn calories is to increase muscle mass; each increase in muscle mass burns between 70 and 100 extra calories. As you increase the intensity of the exercise you gain more mass and in parallel you will also burn more calories.

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With this exercise you work the longer body muscles and the bone density of the spine, legs and hips is increased. It also helps prevent osteoporosis in women. If you gradually increase the extra weight in the squat exercises these will become a perfect anaerobic exercise, getting your muscle mass to further increase.

With a good amount of repetitions you tone buttocks and improve their definition and hardness. Squats also help improve posture because they work the abdominal area and spine, which favour holding a correct posture.


Doing squats improves balance and mobility. Squats are great for increasing leg strength. They also helps strengthen the abdominal muscles, stabilises muscles, and improve balance. Squats also promote the flow of information between the brain and all muscle groups, helping prevent falls and consequent possible bone fractures.

It is a very rounded exercise that will be the perfect calcium supplement for your bones. With a steady routine of squats you will get a more toned, stronger and much more flexible body. Your muscles will be strengthened and you will hold a better posture.

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What Are The Benefits Of Squats
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What Are The Benefits Of Squats

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