What are the Benefits of Pilates Exercises

By Max. D Gray. Updated: November 26, 2018
What are the Benefits of Pilates Exercises
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Pilates is one of the exercises that has gained popularity in recent years, and now occupies a respectable place next to yoga for stress reduction disciplines. Pilates strengthens the muscles, especially the back, while relaxing and breathing offers significant benefits. Control of the body and mind and balance are also important principles in this practice, which has great health benefits. From oneHOWTO we explain some of the highlights of performing pilates exercises.

Steps to follow:

Breathing plays a key role in the practice of Pilates and is one of its main elements. The movements are harmonious and in tune with breathing consciously, so practicing Pilates often improves our respiratory capacity, and it is a good exercise for those who suffer from health problems linked to this.

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Pilates exercises, although our whole body is working, focus on what its inventor, Joseph H. Pilates, called the powerhouse, which is only the lower torso area. So Pilates exercises strengthen this very important area, helping to prevent and improve aches and pains in the back.

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After a few weeks practicing Pilates, the abdomen area is often obviously strengthened. This is one of the main benefits of this practice, which helps us maintain balance by strengthening the back muscles and abdomen.


With the repetition of exercises controlled harmoniously, our joints benefit and improve significantly. Besides, Pilates is a great way to increase flexibility and muscle health. All this helps to reduce the possibility of injuring ourselves and is a great alternative for athletes.

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Thanks to the technique concentrated in the trunk area, it is also a great exercise for correcting our posture, improving back and neck discomfort and promoting balance.


Pilates is a leading practice to reduce stress, thanks to the high concentration levels required. Breathing work and repetition of exercises that make us healthy help eliminate stress and foster self-esteem.

And in the long-term, Pilates is reflected in our figures, helping us have a more toned general musculature, especially the abdomen, back and buttocks.

Moreover, pilates is an exercise that will inforce your determination, as it takes time to get better and it will become a challenge for you to reach higher levels of expertise!

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What are the benefits of a pilates reformer

While the benefits of pilates are many, you might make your workout even better with the right equipment. One of the benefits of Pilates Reformer is that the device allows you to establish various levels of resistance when you exercise. This offers many possibilities when we want to control the force applied to perform exercises according to our fitness, the objectives we have set ourselves or how demanding we want a certain type of training to be.


The Pilates Reformer machine allows us to work various body parts together, e.g. legs and arms together. As a result, the benefits of the Pilates Reformer are not just physical. As the machine forces us to coordinate ourselves to control various movements, it means that we are constantly working our ability to concentrate while doing physical exercise, with the knock on effect of reducing stress.

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The physical benefits of daily practice for half an hour with the Pilates Reformer are the following:

  • Improved positions. The shape of the machine makes our positions correct at all times and strengthens the back. This helps to prevent pain from poor posture.
  • More flexibility and muscle strength. The machine allows us to exercise muscles more accurately and using resistance helps to improve strength.
  • Non-impact exercise. You'll gain all these benefits of the Pilates Reformer without your joints having to endure any impact.
  • Circulation. The workout stimulates blood circulation, which will reduce the emergence of diseases related to poor circulation, one of the great evils of our time.

When you start working with the Pilates Reformer you should ask for advice from an instructor specializing in this technique, as they will know how to make the most of its multiple functions and, moreover, correct any misuse due to ignorance. Indeed, the variety of exercises that can be carried out with the Pilates Reformer means that it is a complex machine and, at first, it is not very clear what to do with it.


Pilates is certainly a practice full of health benefits, also great for those who have suffered certain injuries and need help recovering. From OneHowTo we encourage you to practice it and start enjoying all its health benefits.

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Anna Picket
That's great that Pilates focuses on strengthening the lower torso area. I think everyone would love it if they didn't have as many back aches and pains. Maybe I'll give Pilates a try. I could use less stress in my life right now and I need an exercise to do that's not running.

What are the Benefits of Pilates Exercises
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What are the Benefits of Pilates Exercises

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