The Best Exercises for Quadriceps - 6 Exercises for Quads

The Best Exercises for Quadriceps - 6 Exercises for Quads

Passing time, lack of exercise or weight fluctuations are factors that can cause sagging at the top of the legs. To combat this we must work our quadriceps with very simple exercises in which we pay special attention to the position where we put our feet. With perseverance and a few minutes a day, we will reinforce these muscles. For you to achieve best results we explain in oneHOWTO what the best exercises for quadriceps are.

First of all, we must understand that the muscle we need to strengthen is the quadriceps femoris, located in the anterior thigh. Besides an important aesthetic role, this muscle serves to extend the knee and, in general, the entire lower extremity.

If you don't have time to go to the gym, in this oneHOWTO o article we tell you how to tone legs without going to the gym.

Lateral strides

Start by doing sets of lateral strides. For this exercise to be effective, we have to place ourselves in the correct position.

Bend your leg in a 90 degree position, while you stride to one side with the other leg. Make sure the feet must turn outward. Then we will raise the left and right leg alternately, raising the knee as much as we can.

It's recommended to do 2 sets of 10 reps per leg.


Front strides

Another exercise to strengthen the quadriceps which requires more force is the front squat. In this case the feet should be in their natural position. Keeping your back straight get into position by moving your left leg and keeping it bent at a right angle. Meanwhile, the right leg is bent back, but without the knee touching the ground. To perform the exercise, we must try to reverse the position of our legs, so that the left leg is flexed back and the right leg forward at an angle, whilst jumping.

You can do this exercise with dumbbells for further effectiveness once you have mastered front squats. We recommend you do 20 reps in 2 sets leaving 1 minute rest in between.



Squats against the wall using a ball are also very suitable for working quadriceps. We have to put our backs to the wall, as if we were seated, and the ball between our backs and the wall.

To complete the exercise we have to slide towards the floor, dragging the ball with us, but without touching the ground. Then return to the starting position.


Front strides with dumbbells

Another of the best exercises for quadriceps is the following. You'll need dumbbells (which you can find at any sports shop) and you'll have to stand up with your legs slightly apart.

Step forward with your right leg while flexing your knee, then repeat with the left. You mustn't rest your knee on the floor as this will stop the muscle from working enough. Keep your back straight to avoid injuries.


Sit ups

Sit-ups are also perfect to tone your quadriceps and get stronger and fat-free legs. To keep your back straight, it's advisable to do this exercise with a stick you can place behind your neck and hold with both hands (it can be a brush stick for example).

Doing this exercise is as simple as standing up with your legs open at the distance of your hips, go down flexing your knees and go up again slowly, making sure your legs are never completely straight.

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