Should I Exercise at Night - Is it Good or Bad

Should I Exercise at Night - Is it Good or Bad

Is it good to exercise at night? For those who work during the day, the only time they can find to exercise is after the day is over. Others struggle to be active in the morning and prefer to wait until night time to go running. But is this a healthy option? At OneHowTo we reveal the advantages and disadvantages of working out at night.

It's important to get exercise

Whatever the time, exercise is always healthy and good for our bodies and minds. So it doesn't matter what time you do it, just be consistent. The best time always depends on how your own body has adapted. That is why it's better for some people to exercise in the morning, while for others the best time is in the afternoon or at night.

What are the Disadvantages of exercising at Night?

The most obvious disadvantage of exercising at night is that it could somehow affect the rhythm of your sleep. However, exercising at night can help us sleep more easily, because the activity helps us relax after a long day.

But on the other hand, sport increases body temperature, so the muscles are active and ready to continue with other activities, and perhaps this does not exactly include sleeping.

Regarding exercising during the day, according to a study performed by the University of Northumbria published in the British Journal of Nutrition, those who exercise on an empty stomach burn up to 20% more fat than those who do after breakfast or at other times. This is because these athletes burn their fat reserves, but others burn what they have acquired during breakfast or lunch.

Morning exercise also sharpens intelligence, activating the body immediately and giving us energy that helps us easily get through the whole day.

What are the Advantages of Exercising at Night?

But exercising at night also has its advantages. At this time both our hormone levels and our body temperatures reach their peak, so the state of the body is optimal for sports. According to a study by the Clinical Research Center at the University of Chicago, this translates into an improvement in increased resistance and muscle mass while exercising, compared to other times of the day. Moreover, it can reduce the risk of injury.

Which Schedule Works for your Body

If you cannot decide whether to exercise at night or during the day, just try this experiment. Try the night exercise for a week and check the following reactions in your body and mood:

  • Metabolism: Sport improves digestion and absorption of nutrients. If you notice that your body is demanding more food, you should consider exercising during the day instead of at night.
  • Sleep: Exercise increases energy, so you may find it difficult to sleep. However, it is also tiring, so you may be exhausted quickly. How does it affect you? Assess these points and see how you sleep better, whether after exercise during the day or at night.

Listen to your body and decide for yourself!

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