How to Work Out with a Hula Hoop

By Nidhi Nangia. March 9, 2017
How to Work Out with a Hula Hoop

A Hula hoop is not just a toy, but a great exercise tool too. If used correctly, it offers numerous health benefits, as it helps in strengthening your muscles, toning your abs, accelerating fat loss, improving heart health, increasing stamina, strengthening spine, improving flexibility, increasing concentration and perking up your mood. You must not have touched your hula hoop after the age of 10, but now that you have come across all the benefits of hula hoping, you must be planning to give it a go once again. Now that you have grabbed a hula hoop, don’t wonder what to do with it to gain all of its benefits. Read this oneHOWTO article to know how to work out with a hula hoop.

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Do the forward move

Stand inside your hula hoop with right foot in the front, pelvis tucked, chest up, knees bent and shoulders straight. Hold the hoop across your lower back, and give it a push around the waist anti-clockwise. Once the hoop starts moving, you will have to quickly shift your weight from one leg to the other, and move your hips forward and backward. When the hoop starts dropping, push it with your hip so it stays in the middle and keep moving.

Do for 2 minutes straight, rest and start again.

Do a side to side move

Stand straight with your feet a little wider than your shoulders. Also both feet should be parallel to one another. Give a good spin to your hoop and keep it rocking from one hip to the other to the sides. In this exercise, the hoop will be hitting your waist sides. While doing this workout, make sure that your head and chest remain lifted, and your abs remain tight. You will have to hit the hoop harder to keep it moving.

Again, do this exercise for 2 minutes, rest and do it again.

How to Work Out with a Hula Hoop - Do a side to side move

Do the walking workout with the hoop

Start moving the hula hoop in a forward movement. Once your hoop starts moving parallel to the floor, start taking small steps forward with each push you give to the hoop. The hula hoop will touch alternating sides of your body as you continue walking. Once you are comfortable with this exercise, try taking faster and bigger steps. To take it to an advanced level, you can also try walking backwards with your hoop pushing with the lower back of your body.

You'll have to do this for as long as you can manage to walk holding the hula hoop. We recommend a maximum of 3 minutes.

Do a 360˚ spin

This is a tougher exercise that you should first try doing without your hula hoop. Plant your left foot firmly on the ground, and take your right foot a step forward. Spin yourself to the left, swing your right foot around to a full 360˚, and then put it down back. In this move, your left foot will work as an axis to your turn. Once you are comfortable with the move, try it with your hoop. Start with a forward move position, and give an anti-clockwise spin to your hoop. Once it starts spinning, shift your weight to your left foot and power the spin with your right foot.

Do this routine 15 times once you've mastered it.

Try the prayer position

Lift your right hand up and begin moving the hoop on the top of it. As it starts spinning, raise up your left hand and join both palms together to come in a prayer position. In this position, the hoop with keep in contact with the edges of your hands, including the pinkies and the pointers. You will have to keep your thumbs extended, so that the hoop does not move down.

How to Work Out with a Hula Hoop - Try the prayer position
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Pass Hoop with lunges and dips

Hold the hoop in your right hand with your palm facing down. Start spinning the hoop in clockwise direction so that it moves parallel to the ground. As it swings behind you, pass the hoop to your left hand, and then bring it back to your front. Continue circling the hoop and passing it from hand to the other. You can also try walking or turning while doing this exercise. As you get comfortable, you may include lunging and squatting in it too.

Do 2 series of 15 lunges and 2 series of 15 squats for maximum benefit.

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  • To make your hula hoop exercise routine more fun, we advise you to put on some music while working out. It will not only make it more fun, but it will help keeping the rhythm when twirling the hoop.

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How to Work Out with a Hula Hoop
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How to Work Out with a Hula Hoop

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