How to Use Pitchero to Get Support for Your Sports Team

By Max. D Gray. Updated: June 3, 2018
How to Use Pitchero to Get Support for Your Sports Team

With a new funding initiative recently granted, Pitchero is likely to be the place for amateur, local and grassroots sports teams to create their online presence, start a membership community and rally support for their club. With an intuitive interface and new elements still in creation, Pitchero looks to cover everything from letting people know about practice times to finding sponsorship from local businesses. In some ways it almost feels like a real life Football Manager and it is a great way to stay connected and promote yourself in an already dense marketplace. Keep reading oneHOWTO to find out how to use Pitchero to get support for your sports team.

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What Does Pitchero Offer?

There are 3 main types of Pitchero account and they are for a team (or club), a league or a county. This article concerns itself with the first group as we are finding out what you can do to get support for your team. Once you master this element of Pitchero, you can look in to advancing to the league and county-wide websites.

If you are a club, Pitchero offers you the chance to create your own website which will provide everything both fans and team members alike need for a successful club. You can post practical information about when the team is playing, who is on the team, a history of the club and any relevant news for the members. Pitchero also allows you to start a forum for fans to talk about the team and provides an online store for you to sell season tickets, memorabilia and even hiring out facilities for private use. So far the Pitchero website has availability for the following sports: football, rugby union/league, lacrosse, cricket, hockey, netball and American football.

How to Use Pitchero to Get Support for Your Sports Team - What Does Pitchero Offer?

Post News Items and Events on Pitchero

A real sports fan's allegiance to a local team can be just as passionate (sometimes even more so) than that of a big league team. Unfortunately, you won't always see the former being talked about in newspapers or having their highlights bundled into a DVD. Pitchero provides a news stream which can inform fans not only the basic information about who and where the team is playing, but keep up to date on transfers and signings, let people know about related events such as fundraisers or get-togethers and alert the community about anything you deem pertinent to the team. Pitchero also has ready made templates to pick the look of your site and, if you have a standard or pro Pitchero package, you'll also be able to monitor your statistics to see how well getting support for your sports team is going. The Pitchero app also allows you to send push notifications to team members and fans so that they are up to date while on the move. This also saves on individual communication which can be time consuming to maintain.

Encourage Support from the Community with Pitchero

One great way to get support for your sports team is to get the fans talking about what's happening to the team. Pitchero involves the community and makes them feel like they are heard, something important in fostering loyalty to a club. The previously mentioned Pitchero forum is a great way fans can express their opinions, share experiences and even provide some good-natured discussion on how the team is performing. Pitchero also offers you the ability to start polls which can be used as a bit of fun to decide "player of the match" results or even to influence signings and positions within the club. This provides greater connectivity between organizers and members, fostering bonds which will earn more support and goodwill for your team.

How to Use Pitchero to Get Support for Your Sports Team - Encourage Support from the Community with Pitchero

Pay for Membership and Product with Pitchero

There is a certain level of sports team where it is not serious enough to warrant membership in a large scale governing body like FIFA, but it is considered worthy of regular pitch hire, travelling to play games and providing equipment for the team. While Premiership teams have sponsorship from Carlsberg or Vodafone, you might need to look at something a little less corporate to fund these expenses. If you are a team who really only play for themselves, then it might be unlikely you'll get much of a crowd on your Saturday morning games. Instead, Pitchero can provide a way for members to pay subscription fees. For most amateur teams, this will not be a way to make a profit. Rather it is a way to pay for coaches to and from games, the purchasing and washing of kits or even for the membership fee for Pitchero. If someone hasn't paid the fee, then Pitchero can automatically send a reminder to that individual so that you don't have to spend a lot of time chasing up payments and, potentially, causing friction.

If you are big enough where you are managing to play regular games in your own venue, then Pitchero is a great way to sell individual game and season tickets. You can provide all the information fans need about payment methods, concessions and special events. You can also create a Pitchero store where you can sell merchandise such as scarves, key-chains and even kits if you are at the right level.

How to Use Pitchero to Get Support for Your Sports Team - Pay for Membership and Product with Pitchero

Share Fixtures and Find Competition with Pitchero

Pitchero members can use the app and the desktop site to notify the manager who is available to play on any given game. This means the manager doesn't have to phone round every player and chase up maybes when they have everything else to contend with on a busy week. They can then select the team from the confirmations and send this out to the entire group. Once the team has been organized and the game is underway, you'll be able to notify supporters about match results (up to the minute if you want), post videos and pictures of game play and show how this affects the league tables and upcoming fixtures on the Pitchero website.

You will also be connected to other Pitchero teams in your league. This means you can interact with the other clubs, foster friendly rivalry and pool resources when the league is in need of it. If you are just starting out, it will also let you find out who there is to play against and providing a well interfaced website through Pitchero will likely give you an advantage if you want to move up in the sports world.

Find Sponsorship for Your Team with Pitchero

As Pitchero is a great way to involve the community of fans, it is also a great way to see if there might be any opportunities for investment or sponsorship from this community. Starting a team website will attract investors who know you are taking the business side of the team seriously. You can reach out to the community through the forums and newsletters, organize events which you can advertise on the site or even find ways to offer product placement such as banners at games or logos on kits. Your community will become a resource and helping the community fosters support for your sports team by providing transparency and good will. Garnering greater social media support through your Pitchero website will also allow show potential investors you are a resource they will want to tap into.

How to Use Pitchero to Get Support for Your Sports Team - Find Sponsorship for Your Team with Pitchero

Pitchero is free for clubs with 3 or teams or under (maybe you have a kids team or a reserve team as well as your main one) as it uses advertising to keep it running. If you do start to get serious about support for your team, then Pitchero also offers standard and pro packages which will give you more customizable interface and will reduce 3rd party adds. The cheapest package is £66 per year and the most expensive is £396 per year. If you have a soccer team, for example, with 11 players minimum, that means each member would only have to pay a maximum of £36 a year for website upkeep on the most expensive package.

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How to Use Pitchero to Get Support for Your Sports Team
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How to Use Pitchero to Get Support for Your Sports Team

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