How to Train a Midfielder

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Train a Midfielder

A midfielder is football player is responsible for carrying the ball forward in the field and creating the path towards the goal. As far as player requirements go, he or she must be strong to avoid being brought down by their opponent. They must also have good ball control and quick sprinters. Midfielders need to practice shooting goals to increase the changes of scoring. Whether you're a football coach training a team, or an amateur player who loves the game and wants to improve, this OneHowTo guide on how to train a midfielder is for you!

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Steps to follow:

First, one of the things you must do in training to be a good midfielder is increase your speed. This way you can run dribbling the ball without fearing that your opponents will reach you. To improve your speed, place the hands of a team-mate on your shoulders. Then try to run forward as he presses his hands down to prevent your progress. After ten seconds your partner should let go so that you can run forward increasing your speed. This effective exercise, used by top athletes, must be practised at least ten times a week to improve your speed within a month.


Second, as a midfielder you must prevent your opponent from easily receiving the ball. Here, a strong defense is key. The aim is to pressure your opponent when they're trying to recieve the ball with their back to you. You want to try and steal the ball from them. During practice, try not to foul as you have to learn to take the ball but without accumulating yellow cards during the games.

How to Train a Midfielder - Step 2

On the other hand, playing in midfield means having good ball skills, even more so than other players because the midfielder is in control of the ball for longer on the pitch and their obligation is to stop the opponent from getting it. For this reason the midfielder has to learn to protect the ball and control, pass and properly receive it using feet, thighs and chest. To do this work maintaining the ball low, kicking it softly close to the ground towards a team-mate, gradually increasing intensity.


Also, the midfielder has to have good vision and be aware of the people around him or her, both in their own team to pass the ball to as well as rivals so to try and dodge them. However, the main objective in the midfield to create goal opportunities.

Practice ball distribution with short passes close to the ground, using a maximum of two touches, forming a triangle with three players while a fourth is placed in the middle trying to steal the ball.

Besides this the midfielder can make a repeated exercise of quick passes with a partner, while a third tries to steal the ball. Like so you will learn how to create confusion in the opponent, opening spaces on the pitch.

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  • It is also useful to practice daily opponent dodging in a small space.
  • Do not focus only on short passes and also practice deep passes when you find an unmarked player during training.

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How to Train a Midfielder
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How to Train a Midfielder

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