How to Safely Attach a Leash to a Surfboard

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Safely Attach a Leash to a Surfboard

During a beach vacation, surfing is now one of the most popular recreational activities. But sometimes while learning how to surf or while riding the waves people lose their balance and fall off the surf board. In that situation the only thing that connects the person with the surfboard is the leash. A person who surfs regularly knows the importance of a reliable leash.

In this OneHowTo article we explain how to correctly install a leash on a surfboard.

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The Function of the Leash on a Surfboard

It is very important to ensure that the leash is tied correctly to the surfboard. An improperly connected leash can be the cause of harm to the rider as well as to the people around him/ her. Sometime it can also cause irreparable damage to the surfboard which is really bad especially if the surfboard is new.

Equipment Needed to Install a Leash

  • A surfboard
  • A leash cord (atleast 10 inches in length)
  • A surfboard leash
How to Safely Attach a Leash to a Surfboard - Equipment Needed to Install a Leash

Preparing the Leash Cord

The first step is to take the leash cord and make sure that it does not come unwoven. To do this take one end of the leash cord and apply a small amount of heat (preferably from a lighter). This will burn the end of the cord a bit and it will melt and secure their weave. Do the same thing with the other end. This makes it easier to tie the knot later.

Tying the Knot

Now fold the leash cord in half and hold the two ends of the folded cord.

Then make a loop in the cord. Now take the two loose ends and pass them through the loop.

Then pulling towards the two free ends, pull the loop tightly until it is closed.

While doing this, take care to leave a a small part of the open ends sticking out. This will ensure that the knot does come away as it tightens in water.

Attaching the Leash Cord to Surfboard

1. Take the end opposite the knot and pinch it. Then thread it through the leash plug and out.

2. Sometimes it is difficult to thread the leash cord through the leash plug. In such situation take help of a fin key or fishing line or any other thing at hand which will help in threading the line through the leash plug.

3. Now hold the knotted end of Leash cord and pass it through the loop of the opposite end.

4. Then holding the knotted end pull it tight.

How to Safely Attach a Leash to a Surfboard - Attaching the Leash Cord to Surfboard

Attaching the Leash

Take the leash and undo the Velcro. Now push the Velcro through the loop in Leash cord and then close the Velcro tightly.

Now your Leash is correctly and securely attached to your Surfboard. Go and catch some waves!

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  • Make sure that the loop isn’t too long. Its length should be such that it allows the leash’s rail saver to rest on the board rail. If the leash cord reaches the rail of surfboard then it can damage the rail while surfing.
  • Keep checking the leash cord regularly for any wear and tear. If it begins to fray then replace it.
  • Always keep an extra leash cord handy.

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How to Safely Attach a Leash to a Surfboard
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How to Safely Attach a Leash to a Surfboard

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