How to practice Cricket at Home

How to practice Cricket at Home
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Cricket is the second most popular game in the world after soccer. Cricket is a game played by two teams using a bat and a ball. Each team consists of 11 players. When one team is batting the other team is bowling. The members of the bowling team spreads out on the ground and the 2 members of batting team stays on the pitch which is 22 yard long.

The best option to practice cricket is to join a team in school or to join a cricket club in the neighborhood. Practicing with a team will improve your skill and team spirit but if you want to improve any specific weak point of yours then you can find a practice alone at home. The only thing you will need is the space and the right equipment.

In this article we will know that how to practice Cricket at home.


To practice fielding at home the best place is either a garage door or the side of a building. Make sure that there are no cars or windows around before you start practicing. If you are a beginner or you are in the intermediate level then its best to practice with a tennis ball. If you have advanced skill levels then use a racquet ball or bouncier ball.

Now stand 4 to 7 feet away from the wall. Always remember that the closer you are to the wall the faster the ball will come back. So, you need to have quick reaction in such situation. To practice fielding simply throw the ball towards the wall, field it when it comes back and throw it back again. If you want to practice quick balls then throw the ball lower on the wall. To practice line drives, aim higher on the wall and throw the ball harder. But the best practice of fielding is to change the aim at varying heights along with throwing the ball at different speed and also changing the angle of the throw.

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To practice bowling find a place with a wall. Mark 3 stumps on the wall. If you have stumps then put the stump in front of the wall so that the wall acts as wicket keeper. Now make the middle stump your target and run up and bowl your target. Next try to hit the top of the middle stump along with top of the leg stump.

Practice bowling by varying the targets i.e. take two targets such as the first target is the top of the middle stump and the second target is top of the leg stump. Now bowl to hit one of the targets and then change length and hit the other. Repeat it over and over. This would prove to be harder than hitting only one target but it is useful for spinners. This way, you may get to be one of the fastest bowlers in the country.



A simple way of practicing batting in your home is to take a cricket bat and a tennis ball. Then hit the ball in air with the bat and keep hitting it for as long as you can. It will increase your confidence in batting and you will come to know where the middle of your bat is.

The next way is to find a place with wall and stand 3 meters away from the wall. Place a stump in front of the wall. Now throw the ball against the wall. As the ball bounce back hit it with the bat towards the stump. This will help you in making clean contact with a moving ball.

The third way is quite simple. Place a ball inside a sock and tie the sock on a tree or suspend it from any place. Then keep hitting it with the bat to improve your batting skill.


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