How to Organize an Epic Super Bowl Party

How to Organize an Epic Super Bowl Party

There are thirty-two teams in the NFL (National Football League) who battle it out across a season until only two are left. The most anticipated event in the American football calendar is undoubtedly the Super Bowl where players in these teams have dreamt about attending since they were little kids. For supporters of either of these teams, the night is going to be memorable. But if you don't have a horse in the race, as it were, you might need a little extra entertainment to make it stand out from all the regular Monday night football parties or fantasy league get togethers. To find out how to organize an epic Super Bowl party, keep reading below at oneHOWTO.

Who to Invite to Your Epic Super Bowl Party

Most parties are attempts to be sociable, inviting friends round to celebrate an occasion or just something to do at the weekend. When you throw a Super Bowl party, there is another big consideration - watching the game. Super Bowl parties can be a great opportunity to invite colleagues from work you want to connect with or friends who need more of an excuse to be sociable. But we are not talking about organizing a Super Bowl party. We are talking about organizing an epic Super Bowl party, so let those dead weights sink at someone else's house. You don't have to invite fans who support the teams (although better if you can), but you do want to have friends who will actually want to watch the game. There's no point in having a friend who's going to come and grumble about preferring to watch Gossip Girl or Game of Thrones and not get into the action. They're just going to take up valuable couch space. People who will have no problem joining in a chant as sound as it starts up, will start a Mexican wave at the drop of a hat and cheer with passion when even the dullest play is made are the kind of people you want to bring along to your epic Super Bowl party.

Where to Have Your Epic Super Bowl Party

You may be reading this article because you want to organize an epic Super Bowl party at your house, but before you even think about drafting that Facebook group invite, you have to ask yourself one question - how big is my TV? If you have answered "massive", "monstrous" or "I pulled a tendon carrying it into the house" you are - WRONG. It was a trick question. To have an epic Super Bowl party you'll need an epic way to watch it and this means a projector. Epic Super Bowl parties don't have a smattering of people. They have a diverse chorus of passionate fans and you'll want to cram as many in as you can. You'll want people vying for best viewing position, but you'll still want people to see what's going on. This will mean you'll need somewhere with a big wall and a lot of space, so swallow your home pride and go for the best option available.

What to Eat at Your Super Bowl Party

You may be a gourmet and have the time to make salmon mousse or lay on a sushi bar, but Super Bowl parties are known for having easy to prepare snacks for a reason - people don't want to have to look away from the game to see what they're eating. Chips, nuts, chile bowls, dips and luncheon meat are all good go to options. However, to make it epic, you'll need a little bit of flare. The Super Bowl snack stadium (pictured above) is a creation which impresses the eye, but also has a practical purpose - it provides enough for everybody and it allows you to have the snacks a hand without having to pass round bowls. Add your own touch like pimento stuffed olive Tom Brady or bacon laden football posts. Another reason you're going to need somewhere with a little space.

What to Drink at Your Epic Super Bowl Party

Not everyone drinks alcohol, so you'll want to make sure you are well equipped with enough mixers and mocktails to satisfy everyone's tastes. Don't feel like you can't go all out and make the extra effort just because someone doesn't drink. This is only fair because you're going to want to make the extra effort for those who do as well. A good place to start is kegs. If you have enough people over, it is going to be cheaper to get a keg and split the cost than to buy crates of cans, so ask in advance at your local suppliers and make the most of it. However, the beer you buy is important. You don't want a beer which is light in flavor like the majority of popular light beers out there. Craft beers are the best to go for, but what they make up for in flavor they often also do in alcohol content. A good all-day session IPA is going to be your best bet as they are tasty, but won't have people stumbling over ottomans after just one. Also, have a good selection of spirits, you'll need them for the next section. If you really want to go epic, an ice sculpture in the shape of the Vince Lombardi Trophy isn't going to hurt. With all the fun, remember that drinking until you hurt yourself isn't going to create fond memories of this party, so be responsible.


What to Do at Your Epic Super Bowl Party

With all the commercials, time outs and commentaries, a 60 minute football game will last over 3 hours, longer for the Super Bowl, but actual gameplay has been calculated to last 11 minutes. You are, therefore, going to have to organize some activities to keep people entertained. A different room with a games console set up to play video football is a good idea, especially for those who don't want to watch Coldplay during the half time show (which will probably be everyone if the party is really epic). You could place a friendly wager on the game to make the outcome more interesting, especially for those who aren't fans of either team (of course this is only the case if you live in Nevada, it would be illegal to do it anywhere else, so you won't be doing it, we're sure). During the game you could also make the action a little more fun by playing a drinking game. You can assign each person a player and every time that player touches the ball you'll have to take a drink. Or everyone can drink whenever the announcer says "last year" or some other carefully selected phrase. Again, play this game responsibly.

Note on Epic

Our first tip in organizing an epic Super Bowl party was to invite fans who are passionate about the game. However, just because you have people who are passionate, doesn't mean you should invite people who are going act like idiots. The epic in your epic Super Bowl party is for epic-fun not epic-damage to your property and irreparable fights with friends. It's going to be memorable if everyone has a good time and everyone can celebrate together. Don't invite people who are going to be a liability around alcohol, people who use their so-called passion for the game as a cover up to vent otherwise repressed anger issues or people who are going to make other guests uncomfortable for any reason. Friendly rivalry and competition is the way to go to make the night truly epic and memorable.

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