How to Make Your Chest Look Bigger for Guys

How to Make Your Chest Look Bigger for Guys

Even if you are going to the gym every single day and pumping up the weights like there is no tomorrow, it is not that easy to finally fill in your shirt. Lifting weights will help you build chest muscle and show a puffier chest; but there are certain exercises that will help you get there more efficiently. There are many muscles around your chest that benefit from different exercises. Also, you must make sure that you are eating a muscle building diet as you are going to be demanding a lot of work from your muscles.

In this oneHOWTO article we detail how to make your chest look bigger for guys.

Eat a lot of carbs

Let’s start with the food. Most muscle building diets focus on increasing the amount of protein in your diet; however, that means that you will most likely be reducing the number of carbs to compensate for this increase. Carbs are an energy source and you are going to need all the energy to kill it at the gym. Also, carbs tend to absorb a lot of water, that is why low carb diets are very effective in the beginning. By eating more carbs, this will help making your muscles look bigger than they usually are.

Incorporate a variety of chest exercises

Different exercises will work your chest muscles at different angles. Make sure that you are combining into your routine exercises such as bench press, dumbbell row, cable fly and incline barbell press. This will not only work every inch of your chest; but you are preventing injuries by overworking your muscles and getting tired at the gym from doing the same thing over and over again.

Work your shoulder and core muscles

It most likely will start to look funky if you have strong chest muscles; but then very weak or small shoulder muscles and a saggy, flingy core. If you plan on working on your chest muscles, you need to set some days to work on your shoulders and abs. Exercises that work your deltoids and trapezius muscles will help make your torso area look wider and rounder. Equally, building a strong core will accentuate your chest area and make you look fitter. Besides, you need to give your chest some rest, so what best than to work on these other areas of your body meanwhile.

Dress appropriately

A big mistake is to think that bigger clothes will make you look bigger. In reality, it will make you look smaller while at the same time having to carry on excessive fabric over your body. When you are wearing larger clothes, it makes your body frame appear smaller than it is. If any, wear tight clothes or even clothes that fit you a little small. As soon as you start building muscles, you will start to fill in your shirts and the fact that your muscles are bulging out of your shirt will absolutely have people thinking that your chest area is looking bigger.

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