How to Lose Weight with a Vibrating Platform

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Lose Weight with a Vibrating Platform

One popular exercise accessory that exists today is the vibrating platform, which is an apparatus that exercises the body without making hardly any effort. Vibrating platforms achieve benefits such as cellulite removal or muscle toning from just dedicating a few minutes a week. However, it should be used in a specific way if you want to lose weight using this machine.

OneHowTo explains how to lose weight with the vibrating platform so that you achieve a more slender looking body without risking your health.

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Using a vibrating platform

The first thing to keep in mind if you want to slim down using the vibrating platform is that this machine should be used as an addition to your weekly exercise routine and your diet. Therefore, it is not a miracle device that allows you to lose weight without doing anything, but it acts as a complement to your healthy lifestyle. If you practice sports at least 3 times a week and follow a diet low in calories, using a vibrating platform will help you to achieve optimal results.

You should also keep in mind that the vibrating platform involves dynamic strength training, so it is not recommended for daily use. In order for you to avoid overtraining your body, remember that it is essential you respect rest guidelines. Rest is just as important as exercise, so if you want your muscles to be completely toned, you should leave them to rest after exercising.

As for the lenght of the workout, the platform consists of concentrated training, so a 10-minute session is equivalent to a 20-minute workout in the gym. Therefore, it is recommended for use a maximum of 3 times per week and with interspersed days.

Not all vibration platforms on the market are effective, so before acquiring one, it is essential that you talk to an expert and assess whether or not it can be adapted to your needs. Normally the machines in the gym are very effective (forget buying one for a ridiculous price because it will not help).

First of all, do not forget that in order to lose weight with the vibrating platform you must have a weekly training routine and follow adiet. OneHowTo offers some of the most popular weight loss diets, as well as a video in which we explain how to lose weight with an exercise routine.

Benefits of the vibrating platform

The vibrations produced by the vibrating platform make your body experience a number of benefits, ranging from cosmetic to health, blood and circulation benefits. The following benefits from a vibrating platform are highlighted:

  • Thanks to vibrations, the vibrating platform ensures that your body burns calories and, therefore, helps you eliminate fat and energy in your body.
  • It is also a good ally for fighting cellulite and promoting the elimination of liquids because the vibrations massage the muscles which heats up cellulite. So, when the liquids are moved they are released from fat cells and therefore your body appears smoother and firmer.
  • Blood circulation also benefits from the use of the vibrating platform because the vibration achieves greater cell oxygenation.
  • Thanks to the vibrations, the platform ensures that your muscles are toned and strengthened, achieving a fitter, smoother and stronger physical appearance.
How to Lose Weight with a Vibrating Platform - Benefits of the vibrating platform

Vibration platform exercises

There are different exercises you can perform with the vibrating platform if you want to lose weight. Before doing any, it is always recommended that you consult your trainer to determine if any may be unsuitable for your body (if you have some sort of ailment or want to affect a particular area).

In general, vibration platform exercises are very simple to carry out:

  • A combination of different leg postures: Just get on the platform and whilst on the unit, switch between different leg exercises every minute: stand with your feet apart, then go on your tiptoes, now bend your knees slightly, and so on.
  • Squats are also a good exercise for strengthening the leg, buttock and calf muscles.
  • Press-ups will be more efficient if practiced on the vibrating platform: you will achieve more toned arms, back and abdomen.
How to Lose Weight with a Vibrating Platform - Vibration platform exercises

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  • Only using a vibrating platform won't make you lose weight. You need to combine this machine with other cardiovascular physical activities and a balanced diet.

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How to Lose Weight with a Vibrating Platform
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How to Lose Weight with a Vibrating Platform

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