How To Lose Belly Fat With Yoga

How To Lose Belly Fat With Yoga

Belly fat is stubborn. Even if you follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly, belly fat can still seem to hold on to your waist and never let go. A big belly might affect your self-esteem, but it has also been proven to be harmful for your overall health. Yoga is a great practice which can be effective in eliminating body fat with a combination of mental, spiritual and physical therapies. Originated in India, yoga sheds your belly fat by boosting your metabolism and strengthening your core. Read this oneHOWTO article to find out how to lose belly fat with yoga.

Dhanurasana or bow posture

This yoga pose is extremely helpful in strengthening the core of your abs. Lie on your stomach, and stretch out your arms on both sides of your body. Bend your knees and reach your arms backwards to touch your feet or ankles. Hold, lift your head, inhale and start bending backward. Try to lift your legs high, hold for a few seconds, and return to the original position while exhaling. While holding, rock your body back and forth so that you get a good massage in your abdominal. This pose will give a good stretch to your back, and will also help in improving your digestion and fighting constipation.

Padahastasana or standing forward bend posture

In this posture, you have to bend forward to touch your feet. While bending forward, you compress your abdomen and burn fat, which is helpful in toning your tummy down. Stand straight with your feet and heels touching one another. Keeping your spine straight, inhale deeply and lift up your hands. While exhaling, bend forward to make your body parallel to the floor. Inhale, exhale, and completely bend forward to touch the floor without bending the knees. Beginners may touch their toes or ankles. Hold breath, tuck the tummy in, and hold for a minute. Exhale and return to the original position.

Pavanamuktasana or wind relieving posture

This yoga posture is extremely helpful in alleviating a number of gastric problems, like constipation and indigestion. While holding this posture, you will put pressure on your belly with your knees, which will trigger fat burn in the area. Lie down with your face up, heels touching and arms on the sides. Bend knees, inhale deeply, and gradually move your knees towards your chest while exhaling. Inhale again and lift your head while touching your chin with your knees. Hold for a minute and release.

Uttanpadasana or raised foot posture

This yoga posture is extremely helpful in burning fat in your lower abdomen, thighs and hips. Lie down on your back, stretch out your legs with heels touching one another and keep hands on the sides with palms facing ground. Inhale, slowly exhale, and tilt your back to let your head touch the floor. Stretch as far as possible. Raise legs to make a 45˚ angle from the floor. Hold for 30 seconds, and then raise further to make a 90˚angle. Hold for 30 seconds, and return back to original position. You can hold an exercise ball between your legs for extra control and toning.

Bhujangasana or cobra posture

This posture will strengthen your back muscles and reduce belly fat. Lie down with your chest facing the floor. Your legs should be spaced out slightly, toes should be touching the floor, and palms should be facing the floor. Bring palms beneath the shoulders, and lift your head and chest off the floor slowly. Hold for 30 seconds and return back to original position.

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