How to Know if a Supplement is Original

By Sara . Updated: June 3, 2018
How to Know if a Supplement is Original

The craze for body fitness has increased rapidly in the last few years. Chiseled body of sportsmen and actors/actresses has inspired people to include fitness into their daily routine. This had caused led to high demand for bodybuilding supplements in market. Taking advantage of the situation many fake supplements have popped up which are cheaper than the real ones but have no benefits at all. Recognizing the fake ones needs some careful observations on the buyer’s part. In this oneHOWTO article we will tell you how to know if a supplement is original.

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While buying bodybuilding supplements, it is natural that customer gravitate towards the ones which are low priced. Sometimes you can find body building supplement of a popular brand at half the original price. Here the distributor claims to be offering a huge discount on the product. If you have brought one such supplement then chances are that you have got a fake product. It’s best to check the official website of the brand to know whether they offer discounts on their products or not.


Every body building supplement has a seal. So, if your tub has no seal then it is not original. If your tub of supplement has a seal then get a closer look at it. The seal of fake ones are of poor quality and they have uneven edges. If the seal has a brand name on it then it is original. Also, make sure that the seal is uniformly attached on all sides. Loosely attached seals are found in fake supplements.

How to Know if a Supplement is Original - Seal

Packaging and labeling

Branded companies put good quality of packaging and labeling on their product. But the fake ones do not care about packaging or labeling. Whenever you buy body building supplements, make sure that the company’s logo is present on the packaging. Also, original products have Trademark on their packaging and there won’t be any spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes on it.

Take a closer look at the ingredients, as some of these pre-workout supplements are not safe.


Take a closer look at the part of the label where MRP i.e. marked retail price is mentioned. In a real supplement, it would be printed on the real supplement’s tub. But if the MRP sticker is just glued on the packaging then the supplement is fake.

How to Know if a Supplement is Original - MRP

Dissolving ability

A real supplement dissolves easily and without any lumps when it is shaken for about 30 seconds. But if the supplement is not original then it would have a hard time dissolving completely. Due to this you can feel lumps of supplement powder in your mouth while drinking it.


Although it is not easy to tell the difference in taste if you are tasting the particular brand of supplement for the first time. But if you have tasted it earlier then you can feel the difference in taste if the product is not original. Usually the fake supplements are sweeter than the original ones.

How to Know if a Supplement is Original - Taste

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How to Know if a Supplement is Original
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How to Know if a Supplement is Original

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