How to Get Admission in National Cricket Academy

How to Get Admission in National Cricket Academy

If you are a cricket enthusiast, then getting admission in the National Cricket Academy must be your ultimate dream. Entering this academy can open new doors to become an international player, where you will represent the Indian cricket team. Established in 2000, this academy was founded as a cricket facility of BCCI. It aims at training young cricket players who have the potential to become a part of international Indian cricket team. The academy is located at Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore, Karnataka. If you also dream of getting trained there, then this oneHOWTO will give you step by step instructions on how to get admission in National Cricket Academy.

Steps to follow:

Learn how to play cricket. If you are not already aware of the game, learn its basics and rules first. Practice cricket at home and, if some of friends play cricket regularly, take their help to understand the rules of the game. Watching professional level matches on television will also help you to become familiar with the game. You will also develop your understanding by watching videos online, and by getting practical lessons with actually playing.


Gather your gear. If you are serious about the sport, you will have to invest some money on well-fitting clothes and safety gear. When you join a more professional team afterwards, you will have to buy the team’s uniform. But by that time, long white trousers and a polo T-shirt will work fine. Invest in some good shoes too. Depending on the position where you play from, you will need to buy a certain cricket kit and safety gear as well, including gloves, helmet, abdomen guard, shin guard and others.


Purchase equipment. Many cricket clubs and teams will provide you with the required cricket equipment. But if you are playing with your friends and want to get some serious experience, it is advisable to purchase your own equipment as well. This equipment will be your personal property, and will stay with you even if you leave the team or the club. The equipment will include 6 stumps, 4 bails, 2 cricket bats, and one cricket ball. You can also try making your own cricket ball and cricket bat.


Join a local cricket team. To get admission in National Cricket Academy, the best place to start with will be the team that your school or community center hosts. These teams will not only provide you with a playing field as the required equipment, but also a certified referee. If you are playing with friends, you may voluntarily host cricket games of your own. While playing this way, you get the freedom to play from different positions such as all rounder, and polish your skills.


Practice. The more you play, the better you will get. During this time, you not only concentrate on improving your game, but do your best to improve your stamina and physical strength as well. Your practice sessions will include lots of running, cricket playing and watching cricket games.


Hire a coach. Hiring a coach can be time consuming, hectic and expensive, but he will be a professional and will help you in improving faster and better. The more guidance you get from your coach, the better cricketer you will become over time. These coaches will also have contacts with senior level cricket teams and authorities, so that they can refer you to the National Cricket Academy if you are a good player.


Join a team. This can be your school team, regional team, inter-collegiate team, or a semi-professional team. Such a team will participate in tournaments in their region, due to which you will get the required practice and training, and you will get a chance to be noticed by National Cricket Academy selectors. Getting selected in these teams is not easy, and you may be rejected a few times. But you should keep trying until someone notices your talent and selects you. Make sure that you have polished your skills enough to stand out and get noticed.

If you are a coach and think there is a player that could get in to the National Cricket Academy, you can try sending an email to or calling their offices on: +918022868975. You can ask for a recruiter to come to a match to assess the player.


Get selected. When you play cricket to represent your team, and if you show extraordinary talent in the matches, someone in the crowds will select you and give you admission in the National Cricket Academy. The academy sends junior selectors to such matches to hunt for hidden talents and bring them to the limelight. Once you join the NCA, the professional coaches and ex-cricketers will buff up your skills and give you a chance to play in state teams. Depending on your talent, you will one day get selected in the international cricket team of India, and retain your position with consistent performance.

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