How to Dress for Zumba

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Dress for Zumba

The latest fitness craze is Zumba. This aerobic fashion has arrived in gyms and is here to stay. Cardiovascular exercise is performed to the beat of some of the best, latest music turning it into a form of exercise that burns calories whilst you're having a good time.

If you are thinking of adding it to your repertoire, OneHowTo will help you figure out how to dress for Zumba in a comfortable and feminine way.

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Steps to follow:

Get yourself some elastic and breathable leggings which allow the skin to breathe, whilst eliminating sweat and allowing you to have freedom of movement. In addition to choosing comfortable clothes, we recommend that you choose clothes which also fit your body and make you look more attractive so you'll feel really confident. Doing sport doesn't need to compromise with fashion right?


Instead of wearing a bra, the most suitable clothing for Zumba includes tops which support the chest and mould to the shape of your back. If you like to show off your figure, you can go for an exposed top, whilst bearing in mind that it should go well with the rest of your outfit. That way, you'll achieve a complete fitness look and you'll be able to get fit and look sexy doing it!


If you're not one of the lucky types who look good with your tummy exposed, don't worry! You can practice Zumba with a tight-fit t-shirt combined with leggings, or if you don't like wearing something so tight, you can opt for a wide, white short-sleeved, v-neck shirt with a thick-strapped black sportsbra underneath that will give your appearance a more urban look.

A tip: Opt for an of the shoulder baggy shirt. These are really flattering for any body type. Off the shoulder tops look effortlessly cool and will keep you comfortable while doing Zumba.


Choosing good trainers for Zumba are vital for enjoying exercise in a healthy way without hurting your back or legs. These shoes need to be light and must have cushioning and a smooth sole. To combine them well with the rest of your clothes, we recommend that you choose a colour that matches the rest of your outfit.

In this article, we have some information on suitable footwear and how to choose footwear for Zumba.

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How to Dress for Zumba
How to Dress for Zumba

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