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How to Do Pilates for a Flat Stomach

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: June 4, 2019
How to Do Pilates for a Flat Stomach

The Pilates method is a form of training that is based on toning muscles without increasing its volume, the latter an aspect of particular concern to women. Well, Pilates is also based on the work of the abdomen as a starting point for improved lumbar health. Here we offer a series of exercises on how to do Pilates for a flat stomach.

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Steps to follow:


The first Pilates exercise is somewhat complicated, so read the instructions carefully before you do it. More than difficult to execute, this activity requires much strength in the abdomen, to avoid damaging the back while doing it.

Sit on a mat with your legs extended. Now, lean back while you raise your legs so that your body makes a "V". To not cause back problems, you should make sure your abdomen bears all the tension.


A tip for this exercise is that it will be easier if you extend your arms forward, so that they serve as a counterpoint to keep your balance. In any case, if you notice pain in your back, stop and leave it until your stomach is more strengthened. If you can do it, hold the position for about 5 seconds and repeat 10 times.


This other exercise on how to do Pilates for a flat stomach is much easier, among other things, because the back remains attached to the ground at all times. This is important, you have to lie on a mat on the floor and lie naturally on your back, without it being an awkward position.

Once in position, with legs straight, raise the right so that it forms an angle of 45 degrees to the ground without bending. Hold it for 10 seconds and do 10 repetitions with each leg.


This other pilates exercise will also help you strengthen your abdomen. Kneel on the mat and with the palms of your hands on the floor in quadruped position. Now stop supporting with you left hand and stretch it forward. Then lift the opposite leg, right, and stretch it back.


This exercise is complicated by the fact that they have to strive to maintain balance. Besides good concentration, the force of squeezing the abdomen will help you do it correctly. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds and do 10 repetitions as described and the same again raising your right hand with your left leg.


Pilates is a method of comprehensive training that attracts many people. Besides serving to strengthen your abdomen, pilates has many other benefits.

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How to Do Pilates for a Flat Stomach