How to Do an Endurance Test Training

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Do an Endurance Test Training

Do you want to train for an endurance test? One of the best sports activities you can do to stay fit is run. In addition to improving your physical health, this practice can help you relieve stress and clear your mind. That is why lately many people have started being interested in the runner phenomenon, and are preparing for popular races. However, some people do not perform well in this activity. Inconsistency, wanting to run more kilometres than one can take, or not respecting rest periods, are some of the reasons why some people stop running after a short time. At today we teach you a few practical tips on how to train for an endurance test.

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Steps to follow:

Although it may seem super easy, this activity is not as simple as jogging everyday keeping the same pace and always walking the same kilometres. Good training is essential to reach a greater endurance more quickly, avoiding possible injuries, and avoiding boredom that could make us stop running altogether.


A must for starters who want to do an endurance test training, is to create a calendar and carefully choose the days that are you going to train. For beginners, three days a week at the beginning is the best frequency. Gradually, increase as the days go by. We do not want to get ahead of ourselves because sometimes "less is more" and "more is less". The breaks can be as follows:

  • Soft day / day off training.
  • Hard day / two days off training.
How to Do an Endurance Test Training - Step 2

Another important aspect to consider when training for an endurance test is to start with a distance that is acceptable for your fitness level. Over the weeks, this distance will have to increase and you can insert new challenges that are achievable for you. We recommend you increase the distance by 5 or 10% more each week.

How to Do an Endurance Test Training - Step 3

Variety is the spice of life. Experiment. Avoid routine and try different rates. For example, one day you can run a short distance at a high speed, another day do a long and smooth run, and the third day devote yourself to the series, 5 series of 300 meters are a good pace as a start. This way you will slowly train for an endurance test.


Training for an endurance test following our tips will let you gain strength and avoid stagnation. In addition, with each practice a different kind of endurance will be built up:

Accompany these training exercises with cycling or swimming, it will be a plus to further increase your endurance.

How to Do an Endurance Test Training - Step 5

While doing these exercises, with patience and perseverance, in a few weeks you will notice improvements and in a few months you will be ready for marathons and endurance tests.

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How to Do an Endurance Test Training
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How to Do an Endurance Test Training

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