How to Do Abdominal Exercises

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Do Abdominal Exercises

Do you want a spectacular six-pack? Well, you need to start an abdominal exercise routine and perform it frequently to be able to tone up this area and achieve a strong, muscular torso. It is important to work all the muscle groups in the abdominal area such as lower, upper and lateral (or oblique) abs. This will strengthen the entire area, giving it a ripped look, free of any jiggly belly fat. OneHowTo explains how to do abdominal exercises that will help you work most of the abdominal area. You'll quickly notice how your fat starts to disappear from the area and you will show a strong set of muscles.

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Steps to follow:

Before elaborating further on the abdominal routine we have to stress that, in order to notice visible results, it is imperative that you are consistent and watch what you eat. This is because one of the fundamental ways to get a six-pack is to remove fat from your body, which can only be achieved through a healthy diet and physical exercise.

That said, you should also know that the routine described below should be performed 5 days a week, leaving 2 days of rest to regenerate muscle tissue. Another option is to alternate days (work out one day, rest the next) in order to give your muscles a 24 hours rest and avoid over training.

So, following the routine explained below, just work your abdominals as follows: you'll need to do sets of 30 repetitions and then rest 20 seconds before starting on the next muscle workout. Unlike conventional routines, in this routine we will work all of the abdominal groups intensively with 2 sets of 30 for each group. This will sculpt the entire torso.

If you follow these guidelines, you'll see results in around 6 weeks. Remember though that you'll have to pair this abdominal routine with healthy habits (cardio and healthy food) to lose stored fat and enhance muscles.

How to Do Abdominal Exercises - Step 1

Let's get started on our abdominal routine by working the upper muscles. This exercise is known as a "crunch", the most classic and most well-known. To do crunches, lie on a mat, bend your legs and lean back completely on the ground. Then, raise your torso by using your abdominal muscles and return back to the starting position. Repeat this movement 30 times.

If you want to find other varieties of this exercise, we recommend consulting our article on upper abs that you can change and substitute if you prefer a different one.

How to Do Abdominal Exercises - Step 2

After 30 repetitions, you have to rest for 20 seconds. Once this time is up, start with the following exercise: scissors. This will work the lower abs, those responsible for that V shape and which reduce the size of the lower stomach. To perform this exercise, simply lie on the mat with your legs and arms straight on the floor.

In this position, raise your legs slightly whilst keeping the rest of the body completely straight and moving your legs only. For this exercise, keep one leg below the other, and vice versa. Hold for 30 seconds and rest for 20.

How to Do Abdominal Exercises - Step 3

Now let's move on to side or oblique crunches, performing what's known as the bicycle. This consists of mimicking the movement you legs make when cycling, but engaging your abdominals at the same time so that you work those muscles. So, lie on the floor and raise your legs so that they are bent. Then move your legs slowly like you're pedalling, bringing your right elbow to the left knee and vice versa.

This abdominal exercise will tone up your side muscles in an effective yet simple way.

How to Do Abdominal Exercises - Step 4

Now the first round of abdominal exercises is complete, but you're not finished yet! After 20 seconds of rest in between exercises, you should start a new set that works the upper abdominals. So let's start by lying on a mat and keeping your legs stretched out in front. Then lift your legs whilst simultaneously raising your torso.

This is a static exercise, so all that's needed is to hold the position for 30 seconds without moving. If you can't do it for this long, start with 15 minutes and gradually increase.

How to Do Abdominal Exercises - Step 5

Keep working the lower abs with this other abdominals exercise that is very simple to do: leg raises. Lie on a mat, raise your legs towards the sky and, with an abdominal movement, lift your bum upwards and then lower down to the floor again. Lift again and repeat, engaging your abdominal muscles throughout.

The arms should lie beside the torso but should not be used at all, otherwise the exercise will not be useful. Repeat this abdominal exercise 30 times and move on to the next.

Leg lift: lower abs

How to Do Abdominal Exercises - Step 6

To finish this abdominals routine, we suggest the plank, a type of static gymnastics that strengthens muscles and slims your figure. This is great for toning the lateral muscles and makes a great exercise to finish with.

To do this exercise, lie on your side and, using the palm of your hand and the outer side of one of your legs for support, lift yourself off the ground and stay in that position for 30 seconds. It is normal for you to find this difficult at first, so start with 10 seconds and gradually increase over time.

How to Do Abdominal Exercises - Step 7

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How to Do Abdominal Exercises
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How to Do Abdominal Exercises

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