How to Design Football T-Shirts

How to Design Football T-Shirts

If you want to design a football t-shirt for your school or district football team or just for a group of friends, you have come to the right page. This oneHOWTO article will show you a few examples of sports equipment that you can use. We will give you several options of how to design football t-shirts. In addition we will give you a pattern to design and produce sports t-shirts at home so you can create the design of the football t-shirt you want. If you want a larger view of each of the examples of sports t-shirts you can click on the image. So, let's learn how to design football t-shirts.

Steps to follow:

A good way of designing football t-shirts is buying simple cotton t-shirts and attaching a design. These t-shirts are not breathable but they may be enough for your purpose. In order to design a football t-shirt with a cotton t-shirt you need to make a drawing of the front and back of the t-shirt. In the image you will see an example.


A good way to design a football t-shirt yourself is to do it through some software: FBKits for example- which you can download here. With this software, you can design the t-shirt you want, using patterns based on Adidas and Nike t-shirts etc. Through the templates, this software allows you to edit the designs with Photoshop. It is quite easy to design football t-shirts using Photoshop.


If you want to go one step further in designing football t-shirts, you could make your own t-shirt.To make your own football t-shirt, here you will find the pattern that you can use for football t-shirts, please note that the measures are in centimetres. There are some other options on how to design football t-shirts.


There are some websites where you can buy cotton shirts and add your own design. Check for some of them on Google. Remember, stripes are no longer very fashionable and what we recommend is strong, vivid colours with details in complementary colours. In the picture you can see some examples of nice and modern football t-shirts.


Another option is to draw the t-shirt design or other football equipment. You can take this drawing to a shop to do the shirts and replicate the design that you have proposed. For sure you'll be able to find a design that you like.

As you can see, there are so many options on how to design football t-shirts.

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