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How to Convert Your Bicycle into an Electric Bike

Sheetal B
By Sheetal B. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Convert Your Bicycle into an Electric Bike

If you are a bicycle owner and wish to enjoy the benefits of an electric bike, you don't need to get a new bike necessarily. Do you know you can convert your bicycle with certain devices and enjoy a boost in speed and power and also save money? Apart from taking professional help, you can also do it yourself by using various kits that are easily available. If you want to learn how, read this OneHowTo article and find out how to convert your bicycle into an electric bike.

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  1. Requirements for converting your bike
  2. Choose the right bicycle
  3. Steps for converting

Requirements for converting your bike

If you want to convert your bike into an electric one, you need to choose a bicycle which is in good working condition. Check for the functions of brakes and whether riding is comfortable. Anything that bothers needs to be fixed before going ahead as these minute problems can get amplified when the conversion happens. The addition of extra power you get by converting your bike to an electric bike can cause troubles if these issues are not fixed in the beginning.

How to Convert Your Bicycle into an Electric Bike - Requirements for converting your bike

Choose the right bicycle

Choose a bicycle which has good full suspension system in place. It's best to opt for tyres that can endure higher pressure rather than sticking to low pressure tyres due to obvious reasons. Going higher on the pressure by about 30 psi will also be hugely beneficial. This will ensure that you get that extra range without having to bear cost of additional batteries. Some changes like adding a rear carriage to hold batteries will facilitate the conversion process too.

Steps for converting

One basic step for converting your bike into an electric one is to know what voltage battery you will need to use. 24 or 36 Volts is good enough for converting and can be used from a range of cost effective batteries. For example, even the UPS batteries which are mostly 12 volts can be used in series by connecting them in what is scientifically called "series". Increasing the volts will pull up the cost of the other related parts.

You'll need:

  • Cables, preferably of copper, to connect and charger to charge the batteries.
  • Motors which will be attached to the rear wheel along with chains, controllers and throttle.
  • Nuts and bolts.
  • Screw operated clamps.
  • Washers of different types to fit.

The motor and the throttle need to be connected to the controller. The batteries which are now connected to each other need to be connected to the controller as well. Attach the motor to the frame of the bicycle with the help of clamps. Then fix the throttle on the handle and attach the wires from it to the controller. Make sure the wires are tied properly to the bicycle to prevent them from falling off.

It is always best to test the set up by putting the bicycle upside down and pressing the throttle. Though everything might have been done with utmost caution, be prepared for a few hiccups that might need a re-look at the wiring and connections. So keep adjusting and readjusting as you test and the bicycle turned electronic bike is ready for a full fledged ride!


How to Convert Your Bicycle into an Electric Bike - Steps for converting

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How to Convert Your Bicycle into an Electric Bike