How To Buy Super Bowl 2018 Tickets

By Alice T Breeze. Updated: July 1, 2018
How To Buy Super Bowl 2018 Tickets

Super Bowl is one of the most awaited events in the U.S and certainly the most popular sporting event of the year. Each year, thousands of people hopefully look for a ticket opportunity to witness the match of their dreams, but not everyone can afford to attend. This year the 2018 Super Bowl is held at the U.S Bank Stadium (Minneapolis, MINN), where the AFC Champion will play against the NFC Champion on the 4th of February.

If you search the net, you may find yourself immersed in a sea of prices, resellers and unofficial sites. That's why would like to explain how to buy Super Bowl 2018 tickets in a comfortable, safe and economical way.

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Official NFL tickets

If you want to be 100% safe when purchasing your Super Bowl 2018 tickets online, the NFL's official provider is Ticketmaster, which also offers a secure and efficient ticket exchange. Prices range between $2627 to $16088 per ticket. Before purchasing, take a close look at the delivery date, as it's not immediate.

Remember these are the only NFL-authorized re-sold tickets on the net.

Super Bowl packages

Other sites such as PrimeSport or QuintEvents offer several Super Bowl 2018 packages which commonly include accommodation & VIP experiences such as pre-game parties, meet & greet with Players and Cheerleaders, a selected menu during and after the game, etc. Remember to make sure you're buying the experience from a trusted provider so, if in doubt, contact your chosen provider by phone.

How To Buy Super Bowl 2018 Tickets - Super Bowl packages

Super Bowl parking tickets

Although the University of Phoenix is away from the city center and there are plenty of parking spaces, you may want to purchase a parking ticket in advance so you can enjoy the Super Bowl 2018 without worrying about where to leave your car. There are several trusted sites such as StubHub which offer parking tickets close to the Stadium that start at the price of $114 depending on the proximity to the Stadium.

Fake Super Bowl tickets

As you can see, Super Bowl 2018 means big business, and is also a golden opportunity for scammers and cons. To avoid an uncomfortable situation, only buy online tickets from trusted providers and never buy tickets from re-sellers outside the venue grounds, as there have been many cases of fake tickets re-sold on the day of the event.

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  • If your dream is to attend a Super Bowl match, plan quite a lot of months in advance, tickets are sold quickly and resellers have their prices set as high as $17000
  • Remember to buy your tickets form a trusted provider, never from total strangers, on the internet or around the Stadium grounds.

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Thank you for the information,just got a package with flights included. So looking forward to going!

How To Buy Super Bowl 2018 Tickets
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How To Buy Super Bowl 2018 Tickets

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