How Does the Indian Premier League Work?

How Does the Indian Premier League Work?
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Founded by Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) the Indian Premier League or IPL is a professional Twenty20 cricket league in India. It is contested every year during the months of April and May, and it is the most attended cricket league in the world.

Its popularity is such that the Indian Premier League ranks sixth among all the sports leagues all over the world. In this oneHOWTO article you will learn how does the Indian Premier League work.

What is the origin of the Indian Premier League?

Before understanding how does the Indian Premier League work, let’s learn a bit about its origin. When India won the Twenty20 World Cup in the year 2007, T20 cricket, a short form of cricket in which teams only have one innings of twenty overs each, became extremely popular.

In the same year the Indian Cricket League or ICL was founded, but it never got recognition by Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). The BCCI was also not pleased when its committee members started joining the ICL executive board.

To stop players from joining the ICL, the BCCI decided to start a new Twenty20 league that would rival the ICL. Businessman and cricket executive, Lalit Modi, was tasked with the formation of the Indian Premier League. It was then launched by the board in the early 2008, based on the functioning of the NBA in United States and the Premier League of England.

How are teams formed in the Indian Premier League?

The first step to form teams in the Indian Premier League is the auction. The auction is done so that each franchise representative can make a bid for the players that they want in their team. Each franchise representative can bid only once for each player.

From the IPL pool of overseas players, each franchise can select eight players for their team. As per Cricket Australia no more than two Australians can represent any one franchise in the IPL. Then, the franchises must choose four players from their local catchment area. They should also choose another four big-name Indian players from the pool and from the under–22 players. In this way a squad of 16 players is formed for each franchise.

There is a range of money allotted to each franchise from which they can spend while bidding. No IPL franchise can bid for an amount higher than the allotted amount. When a franchise wins a player, they are asked to sign a three year contract with their franchise, but the players can be traded after completing two years with one franchise.

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What is the format of an IPL game?

In the Indian Premier League, each team will play 14 games, both home and away. The four teams that manage to beat others will enter the semi finals. Out of the four, only those two teams which score the best will go to finals. The team that wins the final will take away the hefty prize money.

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This is the answer to how does the Indian Premier League work. Stay with us to learn how to get into an Indian cricket team and how to get selected in Ranji Trophy.

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