Benefits of Exercising During Your Period

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
Benefits of Exercising During Your Period

Cultural and social aspects can lead you to stop doing sport when you are on your period. Sometimes the cramps and the pain make it even impossible to move, so thinking about exercising is out of the question. However, exercising affects the hormone levels in your body and it can help you reduce menstrual pain. Moderate exercise when you're on your period - even if it hurts - will reduce the congestion on your pelvic area and make you feel better overall. At OneHowTo we explain you the benefits of exercising during your period, so you can get moving and forget about the pain.

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Steps to follow:

Reducing fluid retention. One of the major hassles during your period is that it makes you retain fluid, causing a general feeling of heaviness. Thanks to exercise and training continuously, this process will occur to a lesser degree, which will help you to be more comfortable.

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Decreased pain. Although there are women who say they do not suffer pain during menstruation, most women do suffer. If you do exercise during your period, it generates endorphins in your body due to physical exertion and helps increase the feeling of wellbeing and thus reduces the pain.


Mood swings. In the days before your period women suffer an increased level of anxiety and mood swings in what is known as premenstrual syndrome. Doing exercise helps, in general, to reduce the levels of stress, which also impacts these changes in your overall mood. Also, when you exercise your body is releasing endorphines, which make you feel happier and less stressed. You don't need to do a lot of exercise to feel the endorphines, light exercise will do the job.

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If despite exercise, you systematically have severe pain during menstruation, you can adapt your training sessions so that they are shorter and less intense during your period.

The amount and the intensity of exercise you do depends on your body and your period. Some people might not have any problem and they can exercise as they would do any other day of the month. For some others, the pain might and the discomfort might be bigger and exercises such as running or any other higher intensity won't be appropriate. In this case, we recommend you to practice some other lower-intensity exercise such as yoga or stretching.

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In any case, if you suffer from severe pain when you are on your period, you should consult your doctor as this hypersensitivity may have a pathological origin.

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Benefits of Exercising During Your Period
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Benefits of Exercising During Your Period

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